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Issue #104 - July 7, 2000

OS: Vans and Motorhead
OS: Debaucheries All The Way
OS: re: live songs and similarities
OS: God save the single shenanigan
OS: Re: I'm Leaving Here
OS: sorry Ace,but this is for Edward Gooda
OS: Dissapointment
OS: Song Suggestions
OS: Philadelphia show cancelled last minute
OS New new Motorhead Site
OS: RNR, WAM & Volume levels
OS: re:live songs
OS: No show
OS: you got it?
OS: Birch Hill Show
OS: Seti
OS: Setlists
OS: Fast Eddie and Lemmy solo CD and tribute CDs
OS: Volume at Concerts
OS: Doro Pesch
OS: setlists & Motorhead
OS: Alan Burridge
OS: sound at Toronto show
OS: Motorhead
OS: Re. Orgasmatron live tracks
OS: Capt Lockheed and the Star Fighters
OS: Wrote Something While Beer Drinking
OS: Philly cancellation
OS Time to stop winging
O.S. similar drum pattern
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #103
OS : Similarities +
OS: Cracked the globe
OS: Captain Lockheed / The Pirates
OS: Washington DC Show
RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #103
OS: Lemmy's book?
Re: motvrhead tour dates
OS: Capt Lockheed and the Starfighters, Continued
OS: correction: RE: Nashville Pussy in Philly
OS: Last US show of the tour
OS Gubbins
OS: "On the road", "Steal your face" live.
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #103
OS: Small World!
OS: Party Bonuses
OS: Answers to comments about prevoting the set-list.
OS: Hawkwind
OS: Starfighting Pirates
OS: The BBC, smoking and Lemmy
OS: Bitz 'n' pieces
OS: Photos
OS: Answer to : Sam - lucas1982@jazzfree.com
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #103

Total Motorheadbangers Receiving This Issue: 2647


Date: July 7, 2000
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: vans and motorhead

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

* One of the leading companies in the skateboarding world has decided to herald to the world what Motorhead fans everywhere already knew...
Motorhead is one of the coolest bands ever!

This summer, Vans will be working closely with Motorhead to release some very cool merchandise. Vans are makers of shoes for the next generation as well as extreme sports such as Skateboarding, BMX, and Street Luge. Proposed at this point are items including a limited edition shoe (Motorhead model), Motorhead skateboards and much more! Motorhead will also likely be performing live at the annual ASR (Action Sports Retail) show in San Diego in September.

Vans will also be debuting a commercial during the airing of the X-Games that will feature world class skateboard wizard Geoff Rowley doing tricks with Motorhead as the soundtrack. At press time, the song had not been selected.

This is going to be an exciting meld of the new and the old. Long Live Motorhead in the hearts of the young!

* MUSICBLITZ has posted a cool Real Audio interview with Lemmy that was recorded while they were working on the new album. They also have a free download of a desktop picture of Motorhead for PC or Mac. Check it out! Head on over to http://www.musicblitz.com and listen to it. Here is what they have to say about it:

"Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister has been the soul of heavy metal integrity for decades, a metal god more indestructible than Keith Richards. Check out this exclusive audio interview with the master, direct from the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood!"

* Click below for a message from Ozzy regarding his new record label's first release, NATIVITY IN BLACK II: A TRIBUTE TO BLACK SABBATH, and to listen to music from the record, view artwork, and get turned on to the first must-have release of the summer.


* I will be adding the Motorhead tour t-shirts during the upcoming week. FInally! :-)

I have also set things up with a new service called PayPal that allows me to take Visa and Mastercard payments for the merchandise available on the website. There is even a cool bonus for all of you if you decide to use this system... at this time, just for signing up to the PayPal service, you will get a $5 bonus when you create your account! There is no fees for using this service. Over the past couple of years, many of you have asked me to set things up so that you can use your credit cards to
purchase things off of the website... here is your solution. The PayPal server is secure, so you don't need to worry about that aspect of using your credit cards. To sign up for the PayPal service (remember, it's free), just go to:
https://secure.paypal.com/refer/pal=acetrump%40bigfoot.com. . At the moment, this service is only available in North America, however, the indicate on their website that other countries will be added soon.

* June 25 in Philadelphia was a grim day for the Motorhead fans gathered to witness their favorite band at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA. The band was set to blast the crowd with it's trademark sonic assault, but the equipment supplied by the promoter was not up to the job.

This promoter has dealt with Motorhead many times before and was well aware of the equipment requirements that are necessary for Motorhead to put on the show all their fans deserve. Motorhead has been very tolerant of sub-standard equipment on this tour, but this one took the cake. The sound system this promoter supplied looked like it came from the bargin basement at Radio Shack. The entire system would have melted on the first note Lemmy and Co. would have strummed.

So, at the last minute the band decided that putting on a sub-standard show was not good enough and decided not to perform. We aplogize to all the fans that came out. At press time, it was not known wether or not this show would be made up on a future date.

* TOUR DATES! Get you Tour Dates!

If there are any Motorheadbangers out there that can get me a copy of any of the posters used to promote gigs in their town, I would be grateful. Please contact me off of list to arrange shipment. I think it would be cool to do a section in the gallery of nothing but posters. I need your help, please let me know if you are up to it! Thanks!

Please mail them to:

Ace Trump
5336 W 99 Place - Unit 103
Los Angeles, CA

I have received some new tour dates... here is the latest that I have... watch the website for up-to-the-minute changes. Thanks!

Sun July 9 Essen, Germany Georg-Meiches-Stadion
Fri July 15 Dortmund, Germany Mastership Festival
Fri July 28 Guildford, England Guildford Festival
Sat July 29 Derbyshire, England Nottingham, Rock & Blues Custom Show
Sun July 30 Singleton Park, England Swansea Festival

In addition, Motorhead will be playing in Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Portugal between July 17-27 at various festivals. Specific dates will be posted as I get them. Later in the year will tentatively see Motorhead visiting Japan in September and Germany/United Kingdom in November/December. What a killer year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the loudest band in the world!

Have an awesome week!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 12:38:01
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: debaucheries all the way


> Mikkey got arrested in Denver. I spoke to Phil the next morning and
> he said that Mikkey, the bus driver and another person hanging out
> with them ended up getting pretty drunk and were pounding on the
> hotel room door of some fellow (a pilot I believe), thinking it was
> their room. The guy called the cops and all three of them were
> arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct. It did make the news
> all over the place

What I can say, an exellent publicity for the rock'n'roll band! It was even shown on our Russian MTV, I was really shocked to watch Motorhead on our MTV, I haven't s seen them there for about three years! This debauchery and the whole thing reminded me a little how I was caught myself by the cops on the Chilli Peppers gig last Autumn in Moscow... But that's already an another story!

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB 1916
Moscow Russia

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 16:35:58 +0300
From: "Astra" astrasat@compulink.gr
Subject: rock & blues custom show - nottingham u.k.


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 16:40:09 +0300
From: Eero Uusitalo - eero.uusitalo@nic.fi
Subject: os: re: live songs and similarities

>Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 23:55:18
>From: Sam - lucas1982@jazzfree.com
> > >Subject: os: live songs

> > >
>Hello all
>I got the remastered cd of Orgasmatron (the one who have bonus songs),
>and I want to know if the 2 live tracks (On the road & Steal your face)
>are in any live album, these songs have a real GOOD sound, I would be
>very interested in getting the entire live recording of the show.
>Motorhead forever!!!!!

If my memory isn't failing me, I'd have to say that at least "On The Road" is on the live album "The Birthday Party", which I think is just another Motvrhead live record amongst the other two billion. Still, any live album with the killer song list it has is worth having, even though it doesn't kick quite as much as Hammersmith or No Sleep At All. So, if you can find it for reasonable $$$, my advice is to get it.

And, about the similarities in songs, I think the phrase "Ghost rider in the sky" is featured in at least 3 songs.. In "Burner", and maybe something off the Iron Fist album, plus I'd swear I've heard it in other places too. I think there's other phrases like that which show up from time to time. Oh yeah, I also heard from a friend that Lemmy told once that "Deaf forever" was originally called "Stone deaf forever", and Lemmy'd forgotten they already had the song "Stone Dead Forever".. So he changed the title. Anyone know if this is true, or just another hoax?

Rock and Rock and Roll,

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 16:43:57 +0300
From: Eero Uusitalo - eero.uusitalo@nic.fi
Subject: os: god save the single shenanigan

>From: Cunartco@aol.com
>Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 13:15:45
>Subject: os: god save the single

> > > >
>Dear All,
>News is that 'God Save The Queen' is to be released as a single - in the UK
>at least. Scheduled for release on Monday 3rd July. No info. on formats yet.
>Let's all go and buy lots of copies - then the BBC will have to play it on
>Top of the Pops!!
>Chris Sage

Yeah, or, even better, make Lemmy buy them. Like he says about "Killed by Death" on "No Sleep At All": "This one was a big hit for us... I've got ten thousand copies of it in my house." Bwahahahaha.

Rock And Roll And Roll,

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 08:47:09
From: Tim Shockley - ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: re: i'm leaving here

I was listening to a local FM station here in Chicago playing Who songs since they were in town that night. They started to play a song they said was pretty obscure from the early 1960's, but it sounded really familiar to me. It started "Hey, fellas, have you heard the news?" I'm going "Man I know that song!" It wasn't til the chorus that I realized it was "Leaving Here!" So, it looks like yet another band has recorded it. Definitely not as good as Motorhead, tho'!

Tim Shockley MHB672(H)

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 17:14:19 +0300
From: "Astra" astrasat@compulink.gr
Subject: sorry ace,but this is for edward gooda


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 10:16:43
From: "Buddha" buddha@tidalwave.com
Subject: os: dissapointment

good morning motorheadbangers...

It is nowe the morning after the philly motorhead show and here is the report on the show:


for some reason Motorhead and nashville pussy cancelled...I was wondering if anyone had any idea what happened or if they would return to philly to make up the show


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 09:34:32
From: Tim Shockley - ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: os: song suggestions

A couple points. Someone mentioned "Step Down" in regards to Fast Eddie. How would OS'er's feel about Motorhead adding it to the set list with Phil Campbell singing it?! It would be a change of pace and give Lemmy a break, plus give Phil a chance to scream his lungs out! Whadda ya think? Also, someone mentioned "Slow Dance" being a weak track. I agree 100%! I never would have put it as the second song on the album. I would have "buried" it further back! Finally, the opening riff to We Are Motorhead DOES sound a LOT like "Stone Dead Forever!"

Tim Shockley MHB672(H)

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 10:40:29
From: "Philip Thomas" THOMASP@email.chop.edu
Subject: philadelphia show cancelled last minute

The Philly show that was slated for 6/25 at the Trocadero was dumped.

The rumor ( I repeat rumor ) from club employees is that to the clubs sound system didn't go up to a high enough decibel level for the band to hear themselves or something of that nature. Nashville Pussy didn't play either.

That sucked.

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 09:47:11
From: "Doug Stock" macniceguy@earthlink.net
Subject: os new new motorhead site

New website w/photos from Seattle 5-29-00
Let me know what you think macniceguy@earthlink.net

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 11:01:17
From: "A. DiVirgilio" adv1@concentric.net
Subject: os: rnr, wam & volume levels

On Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 10:51:04 GMT, From: "John Copeland"
- theboycopeland@hotmail.com wrote on Subject: OS: We Are Motorhead
Status: U.......

>I've just read an interview with Motorhead in metal Hammer magazine and

>was puzzled by Phil's comments. When the discussion turned to poorer
>Motorhead albums, Phil said that 'March Or Die' was even worse than 'Rock
>'n' Roll'. I know that MOD is pretty poor, but Phil's comments appear to
>suggest that RnR is also a stinker. RnR was the first Motorhead album I

>ever bought and I have always thought it was a very good album. Tracks
>like 'Rock 'n' Roll, 'Eat the Rich', 'Blackheart, 'Traitor', 'Dogs' and

>'All For You' are all classics in my opinion. Also numerous quotes that

>'1916' was a return to form makes me believe that 'Rock 'n' Roll' is
>perhaps Motorhead's most underrated album.

Admittedly, I also felt that "Rock 'N' Roll" was a poor effort from Motvrhead, especially considering that their previous release was the monstrous "Orgasmatron," the CD that turned me onto Motvrhead in the first place. Then, a few years later, I finally picked up "No Sleep At All" (still my favorite live CD ever) and I realized how wrong I was. "Dogs' and 'Traitor' tear, and 'Eat the Rich' rips no matter what version of it you hear. Have another listen to "No Sleep At All" if you are still in doubt.

And, for the record, I agree that "We Are Motvrhead" is indeed the best CD in quite a while. The dude who's been putting it down really needs a vacation. Play it a couple of hundred more time with the volume extremely loud, have a few beers, and you'll be smiling with the rest of us.

Regarding volume, someone mentioned that a Motvrhead show was actually too loud. Well, its supposed to be loud. Motvrhead is the loudest band in the world. That's what they do. However, after catching the Cleveland show at the Agora Theater, I also found myself unable to discern songs that I have heard thousands of times. Perhaps it was the acoustics, perhaps I'm just getting old, maybe my cigar was effecting my head, but I have to agree that I would have enjoyed the show even more of the volume was turned down a bit. Just a bit. I know this is blasphemy; please forgive me.

Lastly, my lust for a new band to sink my teeth into was fulfilled by the snarly Nashville Pussy who really rocked the house. I Napster'd a bunch of their MP3s already and they are most satisfying. Check 'em out if you haven't already.


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 11:34:22
From: "Edward Reif, Proprietor" ereif@telplus.net
Subject: os: re:live songs

In os #103 someone asked if the tracks on the road & steal your face are on a live album. You can find them on the Birthday party CD(recorded in 1985). The CD is great and would recommend that any one who doesn't have it get it. I believe the CD and video are both out of print so it may be hard to find.
The new CD is killer , i love every song on it.


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 13:03:57
From: "Ed Trautz" hivoltage@erols.com
Subject: os: no show

I went to see MOTORHEAD at the Trocadero in Philadelphia on June 25th and they canceled! I was really psyched to see them and I'm wondering why the show was canceled. MOTORHEAD still kicks ass,

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 11:20:14
From: "Aaron Caswell" aaronccaswell@hotmail.com
Subject: os: you got it?

hey ace...

i just wanted to make sure you received the package i sent you with posters from the last two motorhead shows in minneapolis at first avenue and the "in-house" magz that accompanied them. let me know if you got them, if not i'll resend. i keep checking the web-site to see if you've posted them. as the artist for both posters and writer of the srticles too, i'd be a real kick to see my stuff on your site (which is great by the way).

i'd also like to comment on the set list (doesn't everyone?). i too feel like some changes could be made. i know some stuff has to be played. but maybe they could mix those tunes up to generate some renewed interest? the first couple of time i saw them they opened with iron fist and that was awesome! i do now really like we are motorhead as the opener. i just didn't think bomber made for a great opener. maybe switching overkill into the opening slot would make that song a little more exciting again too. we are motorhead and stay outta jail must stay now that they're in (by far my favorite tracks on the new disc).

songs that must stay...
-ace of spades (with anything else, but this is THE encore)
-no class
-metropolis (or "minneapolis" when i see them up here at first avenue)
-iron fist
-we are motorhead
-stay outta jail (way to go phil, this song is all yours!)

songs that i'm not in a rush to hear again soon...
-overkill (too much, too much!)
-over your shoulder
-civil war
-overnight sensation
-god save the queen (after 25 years i want motorhead songs!)
-dead men... (it's been revived for a while now, put it away again)
-going to brazil (lots of fun, but so are so many others)
-killed by death (like overkill, it's just been too much too often)

i like these songs a lot but have heard them every time i've seen the band play, so they could stay or go...
-i'm so bad...
-born to raise hell

now, some songs that need to be heard again...
-stay clean (why did it ever go? goes hand in hand with no class)
-motorhead (don't know how i'd mesh with "we are..." , let's find out)
-we are the road crew (same as above...)
-burner (it was played on the OS tour, so phil can do it single guitar)

some quarkier stuff that'd be a little obscure...
-snaggletooth (it's their mascot after all)
-all for you
-1916 (before the encore or after the show on the house PA if not live)
-just about anything off sacrifice or bastards (except "daddy don't...")

here's another suggestion... someone mentioned a longer set. a definite possibility since they've been touring with two or three openers for a while now. going back to having one really solid opener, they could surely add a half hour (maybe more) to their set time.

certain songs are expected, so the set's not going to change that much. but there's still little things that the band can be done to tweak their show and get the attention of the folks craving something different.

on-line voting is a great idea! i know the rolling stones also did this on their last tour (fans in each market were able to go to their site and vote for the ONE song they wanted to hear and it would be played at the concert in each city - minneapolis picked "waiting on friend" - yuck). this would work for motorhead, something to think about...

a disclaimer for the band:
sorry guys, i don't mean any disrespect, it's just my two cents.

that's it for me.
Aaron C

**Ace: Aaron... I got the package - thanks very much! Will post soon....

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 15:08:35
From: Thomas_Flynn@chcmail.com
Subject: os: birch hill show

Now considering we,ve all read stories of OSers driving for days to see Motorhead, I feel a little stupid complaining about the trip to the Birch Hill Club in Old Bridge, New Jersey last Friday night. But we live in New York City, NYC, pretty mean when it wants to be. So two hours is a pain in the ass. It should only take 45 minutes, but the traffic is always a bitch. But when Lemmy isn,t playing the City, you inch your way to the closest place he touches down.

Birch Hill looks like a Summer camp. We drove past a big outdoor swimming pool -- and a few sweet, young bikinis. The place was loaded with tennis courts and we parked in a big dirt field. The Club is right in the center of the place. Low slung on the outside, but pretty roomy inside. Two bars where you could buy 32 ounce cans of Bud for six bucks. You could get drunk real cheap fast in this place. There are three levels: stage, raised first bar, raise second bar. Capacity maybe 1000. There's a team of gorillas as Security. They all stood on top of the bars looking and wanting trouble. And you can call me sheltered, but I saw my first Nazi Swastika tattoo. This one skinhead was standing on the outskirts of the pit. Whenever some dork-ass nineteen-year-old mosher with glasses and a striped Charlie Brown shirt came flying his way, he pummeled him to the floor. After a while he took off his tee shirt and there it was: that fucking piece-of-shit symbol on his fucking piece-of-shit chest. Sure America is a free Country. But I,m sure a lot of dumbass rednecks just like him were slaughtered over in Europe during World War II by Mien Fuhrer's troops. And ditto for quite a few of Lemmy's Countrymen, asshole.

But I also saw a lot of excellent mellow old timers, wearing their excellent Another Perfect Day cartoon shirts. And the merchandise was fully stocked. Nashville Pussy was pretty damn good. To me, they're still a gimmick band that rips off Motorhead -- and Lady Killer Bob Jacko says AC/DC -- but they still rock. And two of them are very nice to look at.

Of course, Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey gave all they could to make me shout and smile. At one point, Lemmy stopped and said to the stagedivers: "You haven't earned the right to be up here. Learn to play the guitar or something. This is my stage. And I want it." That was completely cool. They also completely kicked my ass -- as promised every time. Phil hit a guitar note that made me clutch my ears. I don't know what they did, but Birch Hill could be the loudest show I ever heard -- and I saw a gig in Buffalo during the Orgasmatron tour holding on to the rope that separated the band from the crowd. The next day, my head was on fucking fire! And my car had a brand-new Motorhead bumper sticker flying proud.

Sorry about all that Nazi stuff. But Lemmy has always been one songwriter who knows the deal about those sick motherfuckers. Seeing that shit when The Greatest Show On Earth rolls around just pissed me off.

Motorhead For Life.

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 15:51:03
From: nakmuay@eden.com
Subject: os: seti

Anyone know if the Motorhead/OS SETI team is still around?


**Ace: Absolutely! Motorhead fans have added over 11 years of CPU time to the cause to date! You can see a break down if you check it out at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/cgi?cmd=team_lookup&name=motorheadbangers.
In addition, if some of you people would like to join the cause, that would be great! You can download the software at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/download.html. Once you have set up your account, head on over to http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/cgi?cmd=team_lookup&name=motorheadbangers and join the Motorhead team!

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:06:02
From: "Steve Flach" sflach@photomodeler.com
Subject: os: setlists

Hey all,

My thoughts on the setlist issue....I thought the setlist was great. ...but I'd like to see a few suprises too, but not at the expense of the big classics. A MH show without Ace of Spades, Overkill, and Bomber would be disappointing. Remember there are a thousand or so people per show, and not all of them have every single album like everyone on this list.

Also, everyone on this list knows whats going to be on the setlist and in which order, because we all are posting the setlists. So I knew what songs were being played and when, so it takes away from the surprise a bit. Last year when I saw MH for the first time in 13 years, I didn't know the setlist, and they opened with Bomber- it was incredible.

I'd like to hear next tour:
Rock and Roll
Snake Bite Love
Stone Dead Forever
Back at the funny farm
Stay Clean

- flach@zoolink.com

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:27:04
From: "Steve Flach, Eos Sales" sales@photomodeler.com
Subject: fast eddie and lemmy solo cd and tribute cds

Here are my reviews on these CDs

Fast Eddie Clarke- It Aint over til its Over: - Not bad, songs are OK, but he is not a good singer. I liked him when he sang on MH songs, but a whole CD proves he is not definitely not a singer. The guitar playing is great though. Lemmy sings on Laugh at the Devil. The song would have fit right in with the Bomber album.

Lemmy, Slim Jim etc- don't expect Motorhead here. CD of covers of 50's songs by Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, etc. Lemmy sings, plays rhythm guitar and harmonica. Its pretty good! I'm glad I bought it.

Built for Speed- Punk rock tribute to Motorhead. Really good- especially Ace of Spades by Blood for Blood. By far the best cover of Ace of Spades I ever heard. Also the lounge-tune version of Bomber, and Speedealer's Motorhead are highlights. The version of No Class sucks though.

Deaf Forever- death metal covers of MH. Some of its good- Overkill by Black Witchery, Killed by Death by Tyrant, and We are the Road Crew (can't remember who plays this). The version of Iron Fist is awful though. I thought the point of death metal covers is to make them heavier and more brutal. This version is so weak, it doesn't sound heavy at all.

Just some input for anyone thinking of buying any of these. If you can only buy one, get the Built for Speed tribute.


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:39:47
From: "Steve Flach" sflach@photomodeler.com
Subject: os: volume at concerts

I noticed that some people have mentioned that the shows were too loud. The guys in Motorhead must love it when they read statements like that...

At the Victoria BC show, after the first 3 songs, someone in the crowd yelled out "Louder"! Lemmy started laughing...

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:31:42
From: Joe & Derri Donahue - joenderi@home.com
Subject: os: motorhead in philly...what happened

Once again a Motorhead Tour, and once again Philadelphia does not get to see them. What gives!!!!! I get to the door and I'm told the show is cancelled! No what, please tell me the show is going to be rescheduled....

Sincerely yours,


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 22:32:45
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: os: doro pesch

hello everybody,

I'm just reading in a frensh Hard-Rock magazine that Lemmy did, some time ago, a duet with Doro Pesch from Warlock, has anybody some informations about this ?


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 15:43:32
From: "slunay" slunay@tampabay.rr.com

There is a new WE ARE MOTORHEAD release, and it is the new C.D. in a leather case, poster, bumper sticker, and so on. A must for a true fan! Seen it? Tell the world!

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 19:01:12
From: Lemmy51@aol.com
Subject: setlists & motorhead

Anybody complaining about setlists go home and well play with yourself. Just be grateful that Motorhead is playing your town. Lemmy , Phil, & Mickey if you read this play what ever you want and I will be their. You guys are the best just to see you live is good enough for me. I stopped worrying about the set lists along time ago. Play what you want and I will be their. The new album kicks ass and I told Lemmy myself when I saw him before the show in Minneapolis. They played three songs from it and it kicked butt. You people looking for a greatest hits or greatest obscure hits hits show forget about it. I would like to other songs as well and they played three new ones thats good enough for me. If they want to play the same set every year fine with me I just want to see them. Guys your the best . Keep kickin ass!!!! Like Lemmy said in Chicago at the house of blues We are Motorhead !!! And its ass kickin time!!! yaeh

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 19:15:35
From: Lemmy51@aol.com
Subject: alan burridge

You guys lay off this guy. March Or Die is good album if your a real Motorhead fan. At least they release new material every other year or so. Not every album is going to go wire to wire with great songs. Though I will say the new We Are Motorhead does. not every album will. But hey I am titled to my opinion I think every album all the way back to On Parole is good some better than others yes but all of them good or better. So you winey wimp ass Motorhead Fans can go f yourselves because every album kicks ass and I have been a fan since the so called classic line-up of Lemmy-Phill-and Eddy and I have to say the Lemmy - Phil - Mickkey line kicks more ass than them so rock on Motorhead Lemmy, Phil the most guitarist I know, & Mickey F'n Dee you guys Rock Your The Best

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 21:23:07
From: "paul grogan" pgrogan63@hotmail.com
Subject: os: sound at toronto show

Well it is Monday and I've had a couple of days to recuperate from Saturday's show in Toronto at the Warehouse.

I must that it was a great night out. Speedealer were a lot of fun and Nashville Pussy were incredibly hungry to impress and a great opener.

This is just my humble opinion, but I must admit I agree with jme in last week's post, the sound was rotten... I really enjoy Lemmy's comments and I couldn't hear a damn thing. The bass was non-existent at points ( this is Motorhead for christsake!) and Phil's guitar was really muddy.

The sound last year - same venue - was much better - crystal clear. I dunno - but somebody was asleep at the switch. The new songs sounded great and I guess I am used to the idea of same old, same old, in terms of the set.

A great night - and I apologize on behalf on behalf of Toronto for the arsehole who threw the can - luckily Lemmy didn't seem to hold it against us and finished by thanking the crowd.

Got my Motorhead/England t-shirt and a beer in lieu of change -thanks for that! - never got your name... a gentleman and a scholar.

Thanks Ace for all the fine work and to all those of you who have put up Motorhead pages on the web - there's some great stuff out there.

By the by - I was supposed to go to a wedding the night of the show and thought I would have to miss it - fortunately/unfortunately a death occurred and scuttled the wedding - helped me believe in god a little bit more.


Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 00:15:25
From: "Al Cocchi" alcocchi@futurenowradio.com
Subject: motorhead

Future Now Radio's Al Cocchi interviews Phil Campbell & Micky Dee from Motorhead on their tour bus in New Jersey. The 30 minute interview features conversation and music from the new cd. It will air on June 29 at 12noon, June 30 at 2:30pm, July 1 at 3:00pm,July 3 at 8:00pm, July 4 at 1:00am, July 6 at 1:30pm. All times are eastern. Log on and enjoy!http://www.futurenowradio.com

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 22:18:29
Subject: os: re. orgasmatron live tracks

From: "John A. Norris" jn1@zdnetonebox.com
In #103 Sam wrote:

> I got the remastered cd of Orgasmatron (the one who have bonus songs),
> and I want to know if the 2 live tracks (On the road & Steal your face)
> are in any live album, these songs have a real GOOD sound, I would
> be very interested in getting the entire live recording of the show.

Actually, I don't yet have the remastered Orgasmatron, but it sounds like these tracks are from "The Birthday Party" live recording, from June 26, 1985 - the 10th birthday of the band. One thing that makes this live recording so interesting [besides the fact that it kicks ass] is that it predates the recording of the Orgasmatron album. The song called On The Road is actually an early version of Built For Speed [says Lemmy, "This is one I wrote the words for at 4:30, the day before yesterday, in the morning, pissed as a mute."], but just with the chorus missing. Steal Your Face also appears on this recording. Its a great set, and and a great recording - itm also contains ripping live versions of Mean Machine and Nothing Up My Sleeve.

Its available on cd from GWR/Roadrunner [RR 9376 2], and is supposedly also available on video. Anyone who finds a copy of this great recording is advised to pick it up immediately - it fucking rocks!

PS:Its a cool coincidence that mention of this recording should come up now: Happy 25th Birthday to the greatest rock band ever!!!!

War for war!

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 14:14:20
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #103

I have one question I was wondering if the album bastards will be re issued in the u.s I thought I heard somewhere it is. Is this true? I know you can only buy the album in germany.

**Ace: Amazon.com has it listed at:

Date: Wed Jun 28 04:34:33 2000
From: NICNANN@aol.com
Subject: os : similarities +

John m8 (and everybody else)

You said....>>>

I have had one or two replies to my comments in OS 101 where I said that I was disappointed with 'We Are Motorhead' and they all appear to be good natured (even the comment about drinking the boat paint). .....

I didn't mean any offence, only trying to inject a bit of humour. I usually end the day with a wee dram of red gloss myself!

On the topic of similarities in Motorhead tracks/lyrics/riffs etc, well I don't know what you chaps think but hasn't the guy who sang on 'We Are Motorhead' got a VERY similar voice the the guy who sang on 'Sacrifice'??

MMMmmmm, food for thought!!!!!

How many bloody Beatles tracks sound the same? You look at how many of their songs have got the word 'love' in the title, lots of them. I think I'm right in saying that they wrote 'Day Tripper' for a bet to prove that they could write a song that DIDN'T have the word 'Love' in the title.

Cheers all,

Nic - MHB 163 - (Looking forward to Guildford on 28th July.)

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 10:58:29
From: "Trevor Killoran" killoran@commworx.com
Subject: os: cracked the globe

I was reading the Globe and Mail this morning to help ensure I get my fill of corporate who bought who, who sold who, blah blah blah bullshit, when I came across the front page of the entertainment section and who should greet me but Lemmy himself, loud and proud taking up 1/4 of the front page. With the photo was a pretty good article which spoke of Motorhead (of course) and a plethora of other less important bands, and of how hard rock has never gone away and never would. I was very happy to see that the Globe and Mail, Canada's foremost business newspaper had elected to grace the paper with Lemmy's image.


Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 21:35:57
From: "Alpendre" sealpendre@uol.com.br
Subject: os: captain lockheed / the pirates


Answering to Rolf:

. I have recently found out that Lemmy playd in a band called The Pirates. That i would like to know is then it was released and who played on it besides Lemmy. He also played in a band called Captain lockhead and the starfighters. Have anny of this records been realesed on cd?

--- Hey, Rolf, once I had in my hands a CD of The Pirates. It had Lemmy singing "Blue Suede Shoes" on it. Maybe they are the same Pirates of Johnny Kid and the Pirates (the ones who made "Please Don't Touch"), but I can't remember well. And Lemmy made a guest appearance.

And... oh, yes, Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters, what a record!!!!!!!!! It is a 1974 concept album by the late great Robert Calvert.
Lemmy played bass and rhythm guitar along with the other Hawkwind members plus Arthur Brown. It tells the story of a fighter plane that ended up being nicknamed "the flying coffin" because the ejector seat failed too much! It has the single "Ejection". A hell of an album!!! Still in print on BGO records.

Best wishes.

Ricard?o Alpendre do Brasil
OSer forever

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:05:38
From: "M Glick" glick@wizard.net
Subject: os: washington dc show


Just thought I'd throw my two cents in on the 6/27 show in Washington DC... Although they played a couple of songs I'm not such a fan of, the boys rock'd the house down in a most impressive manner. There were quite a few people in attendance, and most everyone seemed to enjoy the evening (there were a few casualties, but even they seemed to have had a good time as they were carried away from the crowd) I've seen motorhead a bunch of times since 88 and I think that this show was one of their best performances in the DC area. The sound was fantastic and, of course, butt loud. Lemmy and Co delivered a set that had enough variation (from previous shows) to really make the performance stand out. Cheers to loudest band in the world, and keep comming back to DC!!!!


Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:29:43
From: "M Glick" glick@wizard.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #103

Reply to

Those two songs appeared on the Deaf forever Ep on side B. I think that they were part of 'the birthday party' album...


> From: Sam - lucas1982@jazzfree.com
> > > Subject: os: live songs

> > >
> Hello all
> I got the remastered cd of Orgasmatron (the one who have bonus songs),
> and I want to know if the 2 live tracks (On the road & Steal your face)
> are in any live album, these songs have a real GOOD sound, I would be
> very interested in getting the entire live recording of the show.
> Motorhead forever!!!!!

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:44:30
From: MaxRuins@webtv.net
Subject: lemmy's book?

Hello Ace,
I would like to know when Lemmy's book will be released?

Thank you...

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 11:00:11
From: anton@complexx.com
Subject: re: motvrhead tour dates

hi ace,
there seems to be an error on the tourdate-page: motvrhead are supposed to play in dortmund, on sunday, the 15th of july - the 15th is a saturday, but what really disturbs me is that nobody knows about a "mastership festival" taking place in dortmund. i'm very sad, because the hannover-gig seems to be cancelled and i don't want to see the big openair in essen together with maiden, slayer etc... could you please give me further information?

rock on
com.plexx communication gmbh

anton mTller [online editor]
d-50667 koeln
fon: xx49(0)221.27290.12
fax: xx49(0)221.27290.29
web: http://www.complexx.com

**Ace: I am sorry, I have no further info and Motorhead's management is in Europe with them on tour right now, so I can't confirm. Cab any list members help him out?

Subject: os: hawkwind

Hey all. Lately I have gotten curious about the Lemmy era Hawkwind stuff.
I know he played on "Doremi Fasol Latido", "Hall of the Mountain Grill", "Space Ritual Alive", and "Warrior on the Edge of Time", But I'm not sure about "In Search of Space"; I've gotten some conflicting reports about that on the net :-). What I was wondering was if anyone knew of some Streaming Real Audio Archives of complete songs out there on the web. If anyone did I'd be grateful. Thanks a lot in Advance Kelly Harrison

Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 13:51:01
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: starfighting pirates


> From: "Magnusson, Rolf" ni.elinor@telia.com
> > Subject: so: the pirats

> Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 22:33:23

> I have recently found out
> that Lemmy playd in a band called The Pirates. That i would like to know
> is then it was released and who played on it besides Lemmy.

Lemmy had never played in the band called Pirates. But Motorhead did a cover of Johnny Kid and The Pirates - it was an infamous 'Please Don't Touch' on 'St. Valentine's Day Massacre' EP. Later Lemmy recorded a couple of rock'n'roll classics with Mick Green (ex-Pirate guitarist) - and those two songs appeared on the Elvis Tribute CD (1990) and 7" sngle, those songs were 'Blue Suede Shoes' and 'Paradise'.They also appeared later on 'The Best Of Lemmy' CD issued by Conosseur Colection in 1996.

> He also played in a band called Captain lockhead and the starfighters.
Have > anny of this records been realesed on cd?

That wasn't a band, but a name of a solo album of Bob Calvert (of Hawkwind). Lemmy played bass on this album, and it was issued in 1974 on LP(on BGO Records, cat #: BGO LP 5). Later it was reissued on CD, but unfortunately I don't have any info about CD, I have a vinyl copy of this album, very weird stuff, by the way!

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB 1916
Moscow Russia

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 13:37:59
From: "silvia" silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: the bbc, smoking and lemmy

Motorhead frontman Lemmy stormed out of a TV studio on Tuesday night just minutes before a live interview - because producers asked him to put his cigarette out. The rock God had sparked up a snout while waiting to be interviewed on the BBC Choice nightly arts and entertainment magazine Liquid News, but got the hump when he was politely asked to extinguish the tab in the non-smoking studio.

A BBC spokesman confirmed that Lemmy was a no-show, but added that the man who gave us 'Ace Of Spades' didn't leave the building immediately - he found time to stop off in the hospitality suite to chug the best part of a bottle of Jack Daniels. The fuming Lemmy was due to appear on Liquid News to promote Motorhead's new single 'God Save The Queen', a cover of the 1977 hit by those other scourges of live television The Sex Pistols.

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 18:31:00
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: bitz 'n' pieces


Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 01:40:05
From: Dave Hultgren - dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: photos

HI ace,

I have just come back from a 2 week super vacation in sunny California. Excellent. What I did take on my vacation were some photos of me in shades and my overnight sensation club 1st edition shirt! I first turned it around so it has the spade on the front, and then wore it with the front showing, then for the last picture I did an awesome rendition of the Snaggletooth, Iron Fists and all! Some questions: I have duplicates of these pictures: is there any way I can send them to the band? I did not get to see them on the first leg of the We are Motorhead tour as they skipped NY. I would also like to share them on the web page--can I get a concensus on having a Motorhead Fans section where fans can wear motorhead stuff and then send in pics? I think it would be a great tribute to the band. Let me know about sending the photos to the band. Who would I get in contact with? Anyhow, these photos are not crystal clear, but I am donning shades like Lemmy does at times. They have given us fans years of great music and plenty of photos in the CD inserts, and on the official website. Any suggestions?


**Ace: You can send anything you like to me (see address in the opening comments section). I would be happy to post any pictures of fans with their stuff. In fact, as many long time members of this list know, I am also a big fan of Megadeth. In their newsletters, they sometimes post pictures of fans surrounded by their entire Megadeth collections. There are some impressive ones! I would love to do this with fans and their Motorhead collections. If any of you have a shrine in your home dedicated to Motorhead, get some pictures of it and send them to me. Thanks!

Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 21:10:26
From: Volker Rohlfs - Voro@gmx.net
Subject: answer to : sam - lucas1982@jazzfree.com

>Well, some people wants motorhead changing their setlist in the shows
>now I will tell my personal opinion,
>* Back at the funny farm
>Well, this is the list I propose, and I think "Back at the funny farm"
>would be great to open a show, don't you?

Absolutely! Great opener!
But - they never played stuff from "Another perfect day" the past few years, did they?
I think, many, many fans don't like this album. For me, it was my favourite album for years (it was my first Motvrhead-Album), and I still think it's great, think they should also play "I got mine".

>but I think it would be too much long for a show, too many songs, but I
>think the band still have so much power inside and can do it, but well,
>that's my opinion...

think so too, you've chosen a great tracklist - they should engage you for doin' this job! :-)


Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 21:32:09
From: Volker Rohlfs - Voro@gmx.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #103

At 12:57 26.06.00 +0000, Joshua Huntley wrote:



(we are DEAF, not BLIND!) :-))))



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