Issue #101 - May 26, 2000

OS: We Are Motorhead
OS: New Album
OS: Simpsons
OS: reissues
OS: #100, move to LA, setlists
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #100!
OS: Please don't touch
OS: We are Motorhead c.d.
OS: Set lists
OS: Rebelradio
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #100!
OS: Amazon.com review of We are Motorhead
OS: On Parole
OS: Lemmy and friends(or whatever it's called)
Re: Overnight Sensation #100
OS: The band on the Simpsons!
OS: tours
OS: upcoming show in Philadelphia
OS: past tour dates
OS: New album and tour news.
OS: Motorhead
OS: NYC Date - June 2000
OS: We Are Motrhead!!
OS: We Are Motorhead Insert regarding the Simpsons
OS: we are motorhead
OS: What's Words Worth?
OS: New Motorhead Album
OS: boxed we are motorhead
OS: New Album
OS: Limb From Limb
OS: Set list suggestions
RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #100!
os: promotion and Rocking Vicars
OS: new album and the anthology
OS: Correction to my review on amazon
OS: Galaxy Theatre show
os: motorhead & nashville pussy
OS: The Simpson's
OS: Motorhead review
OS: Motorhead Live at the Palace
OS: Motorhead Poll
OS: what's words worth?
OS: Simpsons
OS: Re: Young girls digging motorhead
OS: Re #99

Total Motorheadbangers Receiving This Issue: 2538


Date: May 26, 2000
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: we are motorhead

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

Well my friends, I had the honor of joining Motorhead for two of the shows in their 25th Anniversary tour. I caught the show in Santa Ana on May 23 and the show in Hollywood on the 24th.

I must say that they were two of the best performances that I have ever witnessed! All of the guys seemed to be really into the performance. Lemmy was particularily playful, genuinely having fun on stage. They performed two new songs on the first night. They kicked off the show with "We Are Motorhead" and later in the set we were treated to "God Save The Queen". The second night they also added "Stay Out Of Jail" to rowsing crowd reaction. The new songs fit very well into the 90 minute set.

I managed to video tape the performance in Hollywood and have been battling with Adobe Premiere, learning the ins and outs of this powerful software. I should be able to present something very soon!


While I hung out with the fellows, I had the chance to get the low down on what happened to Tony Betton, Motorhead's long time lighting tech. He told me that while Motorhead was in Souoth America, he died. Literally. He was setting up some lights for a gig when he made contact with a electric pully system that was improperly grounded. 360 Volts surged thruough him until he was unconscious. and he was left dead, dangling from one leg about 40 feet above the stage. Other members of the crew
rushed to his aid and he was revived on the way to the hospital. Miraculously, he only missed the next two shows before he was back at it. The Doctors told him that he had actually died for some time... but Tiny doesn't remember anything. "I gave my life for Motorhead... and they said they didn't want it!" Tony quipped to me with a smile as he showed the electrical wounds that pocked his arm. We are very lucky to still have Tony with us... thank the gods of Rock 'n' Roll!


I had the opportunity to get to know some of the people in NASHVILLE PUSSY during the course of my two days with the band. These are awesome people that put on an incredible show! I particularilly want to thank Ruyter... she is an awesome woman and a consumate showperson! I can see why Lemmy liked this band so much!


I have added some cool new items to the Motorheadshop on the official website (http://www.imotorhead.com). We now have WE ARE MOTORHEAD signed CDs and Posters along with song official Mikkey Dee signature drumsticks that Mikkey signed for us himself. Check out the site for details and ordering instructions. Supplies are EXTREMELY limited on these items, so order quickly.

In addition, I bought two of the new t-shirts that were offered for sale at the venue. I have set up a very special part of the website just for OS members so that you can have a look at two of the designs available. One of the coolest things is that B.I.G. (the merchandising company) finally listened to what the fans were saying and included tour dates on the back of the WE ARE MOTORHEAD t-shirts. Check them out at http://www.imotorhead.com/newmerch/merch.htm


My move to Los Angeles is now complete and everything went very smoothly. Thank you to all of you that took the time to send me emails wishing me luck on the trip... I really appreciate it!

TOUR DATES! Get you Tour Dates!

If there are any Motorheadbangers out there that can get me a copy of any of the posters used to promote gigs in their town, I would be grateful. Please contact me off of list to arrange shipment. I think it would be cool to do a section in the gallery of nothing but posters. I need your help, please let me know if you are up to it! Thanks!

I have received some more of dates on the 25th Anniversary Motorhead tour. Nashville Pussy will be going out with them again. Here are the dates that I have so far...

Mon May 29 Seattle, WA Showbox
Tue May 30 Victoria, BC The Central
Wed May 31 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
Fri Jun 02 Edmonton, AB Northlands Agricom
Sat Jun 03 Calgary, AB MacEwan Hall
Mon Jun 05 Winnipeg, MB Walker Theatre
Tue Jun 06 Fargo, ND Playhouse Pavillion
Wed Jun 07 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
Fri Jun 09 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
Sat Jun 10 Colorado Spgs, CO Music Hall
Sun Jun 11 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
Tue Jun 13 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Wed Jun 14 Ft. Wayne, IN Piere's
Thu Jun 15 Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargos
Fri Jun 16 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom
Sat Jun 17 Cincinnati, OH Bogarts
Sun Jun 18 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
Tue Jun 20 Charleston, SC Music Farm
Thu Jun 22 Norfolk, VA The Boathouse
Fri Jun 23 Old Bridge, NJ Birch Hill
Sat Jun 24 Toronto, ON The Warehouse
Sun Jun 25 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
Tue Jun 27 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

Fri July 7 Belgium Dour Festival
Sat July 8 Mannheim Maimarktgelande
Sun July 9 Essen Georg-Meiches-Stadion
Tue July 11 Munich Georg-Elser-Halle
Thu July 13 Berlin Columbiahalle
Fri July 14 Dresden Alter Schlachthof
Sat July 15 Hannover Capitol (tbc)
Sun July 16 Leipzig Haus Auensee
Fri July 28 England Guildford Festival
Sat July 29 England Nottingham, Rock & Blues Custom Show

In addition, Motorhead will be playing in Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Portugal between July 17-27 at various festivals. Specific dates will be posted as I get them. Later in the year will tentatively see Motorhead visiting Japan in September and Germany/United Kingdom in November/December. What a killer year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the loudest band in the world!

Have an awesome week!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:48:56
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: new album

The new album is great. I noticed they were not playing any new songs on the warm up in Brazil. I sure hope they add some new material to the set list. Ace congrats on 100 issue you do an outsatnding job. I am glad someone has the time to do what you do for us Motorhead fans your the best. Looking foward to seeing the boys in Chicago and Minneapolis. Is their a chance
that they will come through again this year? Have fun on the westcoast swing Ace.

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:49:59
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: simpsons

Yes get them on the Simpsons

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 12:51:43
From: David.Weinsier@ING-USAtlanta.com
Subject: os: reissues

Hey Ace, I picked up the "Overkill" and "Rock N Roll" reissues when I bought the new album. I really enjoy Steffan Chirazi's summaries that are included in each of these reissues. They do a great job of putting the history of the band in perspective.

Any way we can get all of them put up on the website? We could replace the lame Alan Burridge summaries with Steffan's in the Discography section. Alan's are way too "cushy". He describes March or Die with, "An album, as the norm now, riddled with absolute classics for us to headbang along to". Gimme a break! We all know that M or D is one of Motorhead's weaker efforts. And why does he always complement the slow songs (i.e. "Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me")?

Stefan, if you're out there, you did a hellava job!

Ace, by the way, congrats on getting mentioned in big, bold print on the new album. Well deserved!

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:56:50
From: "Fazio, Lou" Lou.Fazio@disney.com
Subject: os #100, move to la, setlists

Greetings Ace! First and foremost, welcome to L.A. and CONGRATS on O.S. #100!!!! Your time, efforts, and dedication to the band, website, & newsletter are greatly appreciated. Hope the move went well & wasn't too stressful!

I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of the new album(!), but must admit, as much as i LOVE and WORSHIP and RESPECT the mighty Motorhead, David Weinsier from Atlanta raised a great point in OS100. I really wish the band would mix up the setlists a bit! I've seen the recent lists from the South American shows (thanks to all for posting them!!), and they're nearly identical to the NY show at Irving Plaza I saw one year ago.

I'd love for them to whip out some more new stuff, especially when they are promoting a new record. Plus there are so, so many great classics in the 'back catalog' they could do: No Voices in the Sky (perhaps their best song ever?), Motorhead, We Are the Road Crew, Eat the Rich, Rock and Roll (i would FREAK if i ever heard them do this one live!!), etc etc.

Sorry to sound like I'm complaining about such a great, influential band. Just thought I'd let David W. know he's not alone in his opinion.

Best to all & rock on forever!!
Lou Fazio
("What's the use of a cry for help, when no one hears your SCREAM?!?!?!") ;-)

P.S. - extra huge thanks to Neil Price of Wales for the 'Ace of Spades' tribute band gig review & setlist!

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 22:20:10
From: "Volker Rohlfs" voro@gmx.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #100!


In issue #100
> "Kathryn Edgecock" kathryn94@hotmail.com

>Oh Ace....the chat room is really cool, and you're doing an excellent job...Cheers!!!

She's right. Nice room. But (at least at 20 -21.00 GMT) it's stone dead... When I'm surfing anything on Internet, I always open a Motrhead-Chat-applet, but I never met a single person there ... :-(

Nobody online that time?


**Ace: We really need to set a time... once I get my apartment set up, we will do this. In the short term, I suggest that anyone that is interested be there on mondays at 8pm PST.

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 17:34:26
From: "Latrell Sprewell" macniceguy@earthlink.net
Subject: please don't touch

Try http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000JWPJ/blastmagazine0c
and search for Motorhead, the Ace of Spades with extra tracks has Emergency & Please don't touch

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 19:39:38
From: "Robert D. Baysinger" b12@socket.net
Subject: o.s. we are motorhead c.d.

I got my cioy of We are Motorhead 5/16. I had to ride my 12 speed 25 mi. to Columbia MO to get it! It was worth it! The album is a classic! Has anyone purchased the Another Perfect Day Castle remaster? I purchased two of them and they skipped on tracks 4, 10 and 12. Both in the same songs at the same times. I figure it must be in the master tapes they used. Keep up
the good work!

Keep Rockin'

Darryl Baysinger

From: MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com

Dear all,

I have to agree with Dave Weinsier about the setlists. Given that Motorhead have so much choice of material they seem only ever to play a small number of the tracks live. I love it when they throw a surprise track into the set. The tour before last (which I missed, Bollux!) had the 4 new 'oldies' tracks thrown in (Shine,DMTNT etc) and by all accounts these were well recieved by
crowds everywhere, so why did they trim this down to 1 new 'oldie' (DMTNT)?

The inclusion of anything out of the ordinary is quite rare. I know there were problems in the late 80's when Motorhead were having trouble with record companies etc and they were not able to record any new material (and so obviously not play anything new). During this time I think I saw the SAME set played about 20 times! Whether the record company hassles meant that old stuff couldn't be played either I don't know. I'm trying to think of any odd tracks that they have played over the 15yrs I've been following the band, there are only a few -> "I'll Be Your Sister" was played years ago ('89 ish?), I think also "White Line Fever" and then on the OS tour wasn't "Capricorn" played. There maybe more but it's 3am and I can't think straight!

Lemmy made a comment once that he hated playing AOS but that people would be disappointed if Motorhead didn't play this track. After all it is the track that most people know the band for. Personally I'd be happy if it was dropped from the set list and something off BASTARDS or 1916 was resurrected.

That's why for the 25th Anniversary Tour I'm have all my fingers/toes crossed that some surprises will creep into the setlist.


Nic MHB163

**Ace: I wish they would play "Boogy Man" and "Rock 'n' Roll"

Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 02:50:36
From: "Peter Revesz" pt53rd@4unet.co.uk
Subject: os: rebelradio

Some of you on the list may have see the publicity for this Classic/Southern Rock/ Metal station that has nearly 100 Motorhead songs on its playlist. When I tuned in it was great at first, until I checked out the entire contents of the very large playlist. If your'e into Rock and Metal you will enjoy listening to this station which admittedly has shitloads of great songs by a wide range of bands. However, I would like to warn potentially naive listeners that to my horror there is a fair amount of songs by racist
and right-wing bands (I don't even want to say their names). So read between the lines. Motorhead rules as far as I'm concerned, and that's why I'm on the list. I don't know how most of you in the States feel about this, but here in quaint ol' England, for the most part we don't tolerate the right-wing shit - I for one won't be listening to Rebelradio again. Long Live Rock'n'Roll!

Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 09:50:10
From: Daniel - Etudiants.U394@bordeaux.inserm.fr
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #100!

well "we are Motorhead" still hasn't come out in france - maybe today, I hope!
there is no sign of it anywhere either :( so it's no wonder thet most poeple think that Motorhead no longer exist.

here's an idea for OS 200: get Lemmy, phil and mikky to write something but that will be in almost two years!!!
Have Fun,


Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 08:25:53
From: dave Hultgren - dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: amazon.com review of we are motorhead

Greetings All Motorheadbangers! If you bought the new album on Amazon.com, or if you have not bought it on amazon.com, you can review the album buy typing in the title, and there is a link to review the album on the item desciption page. I think I am the first on the site to review it. Look for the nickname "overthetop". We need to spread the good word!!!

Dave "Motorhawk" Hultgren

**Ace: Check it out at

Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 15:05:59
From: Sam - lucas1982@jazzfree.com
Subject: os: on parole

Hello all!

I have a few questions about "On parole"

1st: I would like to know from what band are the songs originally (for example: "Motorhead" is from Hawkwind, written by Lemmy) and the others?

2nd: in the songs "Vibrator" and "Fools" who is the singer?

Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 06:35:42
From: william blazesjr - pscbb@yahoo.com
Subject: os:

Any possibility of selling tour shirts on this site or the imotorhead site?

**Ace: Yes, very soon!

Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 14:49:49
From: Stu Gor - el_stu_21@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: lemmy and friends(or whatever it's called)

Does anyone know where I can get hold of the Lemmy cover album. It's not in any record store, it's not on the HMV web-site. Is it coz I'm in England and the CD is not? Anyway, the new 'Head album is really fucking good, co-produced by Bob Kulick as well (used to be guitar player in Meat Loaf's band for years). The album though is pure class and the final track says it all.
As it says on the sleeve, e-mail them that make The Simpsons for Motorhead to appear on it. Also, when Motorhead tour the UK (Christmas, is it), someone tell them to play somewhere in Newcastle.

Stu. ( - waddakin@yahoo.co.uk)

Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 10:01:55
From: Stefano Loi - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation #100

>I had no idea "Iron Horse and the Hordes from Hell" was identical to the
>legendary "Whats Words Worth"! Ive had chances to buy that one
>before, and regretfully I passed them by. Can anyone tell me whats the
>original cover and track listing for "WWW"? I thought it was from the "Another
>Perfect Day" tour.

>Martin (MHB 1642)

Motorhead were "dying" between 1977 and 1978 for the lack of promotion and attention by the press. Doug Smith was their manager (he worked for Hawkwind in 1972-1973). Lemmy thought he wasn't putting enough strength for his band so asked Tony Secunda to manage the band. Secunda asked some students to paint huge Motorhead murals to give the band people's attention, later he had to paint over the murals because of the swastika but the publicity was great anyway. Fo r this period the band weren't playing and suddenly, for a short time, he changed their name in "Iron Fist and The Hordes From Hell" and made them to play in the pubs. One of these concerts was at the Roundhouse in London on February 18th 1978, later edited (in 1983) on vynil with the name of "What's Words Worth?". I have it three times: my first copy is the pictured disc, on one side there is the band during their very early days, on the other side the set list and the sculpture; ten years ago I've seen this copy by Dischi Ricordi (Italy) priced 50 dollars. The second copy is the usual one, on black vynil with the sculpture on the cover, by Astan Records (Germany). My third copy is the CD edit by Cleopatra (Canada), the cover has the songs in a different order but in the recording the order is the same of the first pressing: The Watcher - Iron Horse/Born To Lose - On Parole - White Line Fever - Keep Us On THe Road -Leaving Here - I'm Your Witchdoctor - The Train Kept A Rolling - City Kids. Nevertheless, this CD copy has overdubbed shouts and applause/clapping.

>Does anyone know if I can get the MotTrhead-Girlschool EP with the
>songs "Please don't touch" and "Emergency" on CD? Also does anyone know what
>other songs this EP includes?


The "Saint Valentines Day Massacre" single has the tracks: Please Don't Touch - Emergency - Bomber (by Girlschool). The first two songs are by a mix of Motorhead and Girlschool with Denise on drums as Philthy Animal broke his wrist during a fight (if I remember well). My copy is a 45 in 7', but I believe there is the 12' also. You can find these songs in the remastered Ace Of Spades or Iron Fist (I don't remember now), also in "From The Vaults" by Sequel Records and in "Motorhead VS Girlschool" by Teichiku Records, a Japanese import CD which I recommend you to buy as there is a fine Motorhead story completely written in Japanese (!!).

nil illegitimum carborundum et omne tempore vivi (latin), i.e. don't let them grind you down and live forever!
Stefano 1053

Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 13:09:53
From: "perry1958" perry1958@msn.com
Subject: the band on the simpsons!

Hello Ace, your the link to the band for alot of fans, thank you!! On the new C.D.`s insert it asked if we would like to see the band on the Simpsons to e-mail=or write Gracie Films. I went to do this but there are no matches found, any alternitives you can think of? Again I always enjoy O.S. ! Thanks!! Perry Smith

**Ace: Not sure... does anyone know?

Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 18:48:37
From: "Ernesto Monroy/MP&L-C195" emonroy@ford.com
Subject: re: mh/bs cds

*** Reply to note of 05/18/00 21:04
Dear Christian, Lemmy is still like twenty years ago alive and fucking ultrakicking, white boots, bullet belt, black shirt. Phil Campbel wearing an Adidaslike tshirt and some kind of plastic(?) shiny trousers and a cap. When waiting for the Hard Rock Live to open doors by 7:30 pm we saw Mikkey Dee leaving in a dirty blue Shadow, presumibly towards their hotel, never saw him back since they opened at 8pm and we entered after an almost-police revision at the entrance. Since bands never sell merchandise in concerts (at least in Mexico), there were some pirate shirts, mugs, stickers, lighters, beltbuckles, concert black and white posters and so. We have to wait first "row" (there are no seats) next to the bar just below the stage, having some beer (22 pesos ea) for about two hours, they started 10pm sharp. I still can't move my neck properly, it hurts since yesterday morning. I am just recovering completely my ear. That might give you an idea on how it was. AMAZING! Sorry, but you missed a great show. They played the normal list from last year concerts, starting with Bomber, No Class, Over your Shoulder, Civil War, Metropolis, Killed by Death (it reminded me of your wish), Going to Mexico (!), Born to raise hell, Iron Fist, Orgasmatron, Sacrifice, Ace of Spades and ended with Overkill. I may have missed to mention a couple of titles but it was amazing the response of the crowd. He said a few words in spanish like "gracias". Cheered up with "Viva Mexico, Viva Motorhead". Lemmy mentioned that they have been in for 25 years and their first time in Mexico (my golden dream). After the show, we met some old friends, chat a while, had some more beer and we left, we headed to the backstage exit to see if we could meet the band there, but they never came out. Only the crew members arranging their stuff gave away some used drum tops and my wife's brother got one, then this guy from the crew offered to get some stuff signed by the band and took the items, then came back and, surprise!, my friend has now a Lemmy autographed drum top! It happened two or three times and I got my "Everything louder.." CD booklet that fortunately my wife'brother had in his car. We waited for one more hour and finally left at 1 am (had to get up early for an 8am meeting at work), couldn't wait more, just heard they were going to leave Mexico the following morning. I believe that change from the Palacio de los Deportes to the Hard Rock Cafe was excellent, and I think that Lemmy will not think twice coming to Mexico next year, hope the promoters feel the same way I do.

Take care.
Ace, if you wish, put this in your OS list next time.

Ernesto Monroy - C195 mp&l launch team

Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 22:19:54 CDT
From: "todd mittura" slayer780@hotmail.com
Subject: os: tours

I am just curious, why Motorhead never come around Omaha, NE? I know they were in Lincoln not long ago, but they arent popular enough to be announced on any radio stations. Which means, I dont hear when certain groups come around here till its too late. So I missed them. They are one of the few (and one of my favorite) bands I havent seen yet, that I wish I could. Ive been looking at the tour dates for this tour, and the closest they come is about a 7-8 hour drive one way. I wish they and other bands would realize that there are bangers in small towns too. We all cant afford to take off work and drive for several hours, just to see a show. Sometimes it really sucks to live in a smaller town. We miss the good stuff. We can Rock and Roll just like anyone else.


Thanks for listening to my frustrating rants. Go for another 25 years, Motorhead! Come back to the Midwest. PLEASE!!!

Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 01:51:19
From: "Simeon Slaveykov" simeon2@home.com
Subject: os: upcoming show in philadelphia

Hello friends,

Just wondering if there are any fans going to the show in Philadelphia on June 25th. I ordered my tickets from ticketmaster.com today. Those bastards charged me convenience charge $9.50 and I sure hope my tickets get here in time. So if anyones is going please e-mail me at wizzo@geocities.com

Thanks and take care everyone!

Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 12:02:01
From: Stefano Loi - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: past tour dates

Relating to the lack of Italian dates on the Collector's Guide, I spent gleeful hours of mindnumbing research going through various bootleg lists, tour notices and thirteen years of MHB World Magazine. Perhaps the work of a madman as I've been told! Almost 1500 dates I've found but the list is of course not complete, I think more than 200 concerts have been missed.
I ask your help Motorhead fanatics all over the world, correct the list if you are sure of a mistake and add some more dates if you can! Write to nuraxi@yahoo.com with the subject "past tour dates", let me know the venues if known, please.
+++ The results are for the web site +++

MHB 1053
Stefano Loi (Cagliari/Sardinia/Italy)

This issue: years 1987 - 1988

20.02 Paris (Pete Gill's last gig)

05.03 Madrid - Pabillon Del Real Madrid
06.03 Barcelona - Pabillon Blaugrana
07.03 San Sebastian - Pabellon De Helio
09.03 Toulouse
10.03 Dijon
11.03 Reims
12.03 Nancy
13.03 Geneva
14.03 Zurich
16.03 Napoli - Palapartenope
17.03 Firenze
18.03 Milano - Rolling Stones
19.03 Gorizia
20.03 Kerfsteain
21.03 Dornbirn
22.03 Appenweier
23.03 Osnabruk
25.03 Poperinge
26.03 Den Bosch
28.03 Copenhagen - Saga Theatre
29.03 Oslo
30.03 Stockholm
31.03 Lund - Olympen

05.04 Providence - Living Room
07.04 Rochester - Penny Arcade
08.04 Boston - Channel Club
09.04 Hartford - Vest Hartford Ballroom
10.04 Queens - L'amour
11.04 Long Island - L'amour Far East
12.04 Philadelphia - Trocadero
14.04 Washington DC - Bayou
15.04 Washington DC - Bayou
16.04 Cleveland - Shadows
17.04 Detroit - Harpo's
18.04 Milwaukee - Eagles Press Room
19.04 Minneapolis - First Avenue
21.04 Cincinnati - Bogart's
22.04 Chicago - Vic Theatre
24.04 Los Angeles - Palladium
25.04 Berkeley - Pauley Ballroom
26.04 Rosada
27.04 San Francisco - Beam
28.04 Santa Clara - One Step Beyond

The Rock n' Roll Tour
17.09 Buckley - Tivoli
18.09 Spennymoor - Leisure Centre
19.09 Glasgow - QMC
20.09 Edimburgh - Playhouse
21.09 Sunderland - Empire
22.09 Manchester - Apollo
23.09 Cardiff - St.Davis Hall
25.09 Hatfield - Forum
26.09 Southport - Floral Hall
27.09 Skegness - Embassy Centre
28.09 Folkestone - Leas Cliff Hall
29.09 Nottingham - Rock City
30.09 Southend - Cliffs Pavilion
03.10 Leeds - University
04.10 Birmimgham - Powerhouse
05.10 Worthing - Assembly Hall
06.10 East Anglia - University
08.10 Reading - University
09.10 Cambridge - Corn Exchange
10.10 London - Hammersmith Odeon
10.11 London - Hammersmith Odeon

16.11 Oslo - Rockefeller
17.11 Stockholm - Fryshuset
18.11 Copenhagen - Saga Theatre
21.11 Tilburg - Norderligt
22.11 Zwolle - Ijsselhal
23.11 Stijgbeugel - Wervik Sporthalle
24.11 Antwerp - Hof Ter Loo
25.11 Altenkurstadt - Kordigasthalle
27.11 Vienna - Kurthalle Ober Laa
28.11 Dounauwoerth - Schwabenhalle
29.11 Munster - Jovel Cinema
30.11 Kassel - Messehalle
02.12 Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
03.12 Munich - Alabamahalle
04.12 Sinsheim - Elsnzhalle
05.12 Neumarkt - Jarahalle
06.12 Essen - Pink Palace
08.12 Loerrach - City Hall
09.12 Offenbach - City Hall
10.12 Karlsruhe - Gartenhalle
11.12 Hamburg - Knops Music Halle
12.12 Emden - City Hall
13.12 Berlin - Metropol
15.12 Bremen - City Hall
16.12 Ulm - Sporthalle
17.12 Zurich - Volkhaus
18.12 Geneva - Palladium
21.12 Paris
23.12 London - Brixton Academy (Live At Brixton)

22.01 Sunrise
23.01 Lakeland
24.01 Columbus
27.01 Pittsburgh
29.01 Greensboro
30.01 Charlotte
03.02 St.Johns
06.02 Halifax
08.02 Moncton
09.02 Quebec City
11.02 Montreal
12.02 Toronto
13.02 London (Ontario!)
14.02 Ottawa
16.02 Thunder Bay
17.02 Winnipeg
18.02 Regina
20.02 Edmonton
21.02 Oakland
24.02 San Diego
25.02 Las Vegas
26.02 Long Beach
27.02 Phoenix
29.02 Denver

12.03 Athens (Live In Athens limited edition single)
13.03 Athens
14.03 Athens
18.03 Deggindorf
19.03 Amspach
20.03 Singen
23.03 Nice - Theatre De Verdure
24.03 Montpellier
25.03 Bourdeaux
26.03 Blois
28.03 Strasburg
29.03 Mulhouse
30.03 Lyon
31.03 Marseilles - Theatre Du Moulin
03.04 Lisburn
04.04 Porto
06.04 Madrid
08.04 Valencia
09.04 Barcelona
10.04 San Sebastian
12.04 Paris
13.04 Lille
10.06 .......... - Amnesty International Festival
02.07 Hameenlinna - Giants Of Rock (No Sleep At All)

16.07 ..........
18.07 ..........
19.07 ..........
20.07 ..........

31.08 Lausanne - Hot Point Festival (Switzerland '88 bootleg)
02.10 Saint Tropez - Bol D'Or bike race

30.10 Philadelphia - Tower Theatre
31.10 Allentown - Stabler Arena
02.11 Poughkeepsie - Mid Hudson Civic Center
03.11 Burlington - Memorial Auditorium
04.11 Hartford - Vest Hartford Arena
05.11 Boston - Orpheum Theatre
07.11 Pittsburgh - City Limits
08.11 Detroit - Harpo's
09.11 Cleveland - Agora Theatre
10.11 Grand Rapids
11.11 Chicago - Aragon Ballroom
13.11 Toronto - Concert Hall
14.11 Verdun - Auditorium
16.11 Columbus - Vets Auditorium
17.11 Dayton - Hara Arena
22.11 Wichita - Cotillon
23.11 Tusla - Cabaret Theatre
25.11 Dallas - Bronco Bowl
26.11 Austin - Opera House
27.11 Houston - NRG
28.11 McAllen - Villa
15.12 Fresno - Wilson Theatre
16.12 Santa Monica - Civic Auditorium
17.12 Oakland - Omni Theatre

21.12 Nottingham - Rock City
22.12 London - Hammersmith Odeon
23.12 London - Hammersmith Odeon

27.12 Bremen
28.12 Dusseldorf
29.12 Furth
30.12 Mannheim

Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 21:56:28
From: Kenmac502@aol.com
Subject: motorhead

great web-site!!! I just bought "We Are Motorhead" and keeping with their history, this album is just another example of the definition of great music. I am actually hearing quite a bit of this album on the local college radio stations here on Long Island (God saved the Queen, Slowdance and Burner).

I think everybody should start calling their local radio stations and demand to hear their Motorhead!!! It will only benefit everyone and maybe educate the masses as to what real music is and how it should be palyed.

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 04:35:53
From: Boozyjo@aol.com
Subject: nyc date - june 2000

All Concerned:
I have just looked at the new tour dates and am presuming that New York will be slotted in between Philadelphia and D.C?

Yours hopefully,
- boozyjo@aol.com

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 11:22:46
From: "Volker Rohlfs" voro@gmx.net
Subject: we are motrhead!!

Just heared the new CD for the 2nd time ...
This "We are Motrhead"-Track reminds me strongly to "Overkill" and "Nothing up my sleeve". Think' Lemmy put both in such a kitchen-machine-mixer and turned on on high speed :-) The result is great! :-)


Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 21:57:05
From: David Hultgren - dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: we are motorhead insert regarding the simpsons


Responding to the message on the inside sleeve of We are Motorhead, I would love to see Lemmy and Co. on The Simpsons. Is Phil Campbell a big fan? the info is below his name in the thank you department. A really cool Simpsons show would be Lemmy at Moe's Tavern hanging out with Homer and Barney and they rock the place. Everyone give their support! I remember the Ramones were on the SImpsons so were Aerosmith.

**Ace: Phil is a HUGE fan of the Simpsons.... :-)

Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 09:54:53
From: Daniel - Etudiants.U394@bordeaux.inserm.fr
Subject: os: we are motorhead

Well I've got the new album now, in the limited box (even got two posters!). It's great.... it's motorhead! notice how "we are motorhead" starts? isn't that the ace of spades- exellent! good thing is that it's on play in the FNAC and virgin, and under 'international variety'. No sign of a single here yet though, I hope one will come out so it will get played on the radio.

now i have to write to gracie films so motorhead can be in the simpsons, and i have to find somewhere to put that sticker!!!
Have Fun,


Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 13:03:20
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: what's words worth?


>From: "Martin Herraiz" martin_fast@hotmail.com
> >Subject: os: s o paulo gig

>Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 22:33:04

>I had no idea "Iron Horse and the Hordes from Hell" was identical to the legendary "What s Words Worth"!
>I ve had chances to buy that one before, and regretfully I passed them by. Can anyone tell me what s the original
>cover and track listing for "WWW"? I thought it was from the "Another Perfect Day" tour.

The original cover of "What's Words Worth?" album featured a bust of some philosopher (I guess it's Aristotel, but I'm not sure) smashed with an axe, and the writing "What's Words Worth?" is written on his chest. The original tracklisting is the same as on numerous re-editions: Side 1: The Watcher/Iron Horse-Born To Lose/On Parole(In A)/ White Line Fever; Side 2: Keep Us On The Road/Leaving Here/I'm Your Witchdoctor/ The Train Kept A Rollin'/City Kids. The album was recorded on the 'secret' gig when Motorhead played under the name "Iron Fist & Hordes From Hell" in London, Roundhouse, 18th February 1978. For the first time this album was issued in 1983 by Big Beat, and since then it was reissued for many times and became a real pain in the ass for completists- every single year at least two or three re-editions appear with a different cover and title ("Iron Fist & Hordes From Hell", "The Watcher", "Live, Loud & Lewd", "Too Loud To Be Proud", "City Kids" are among them). The back cover of the original edition states that there are "no overdubs whatsoever!", but it's slightly untrue - because of the poor feedback of the crowd it was desided to overdub the applauses. Somewhere the real recording exists (and it consists one 'drunken' song more-originally they decided to put it off the release), but all those labels who continue to release this album under various titles and with stupid covers simply don't care!

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB 1916
Moscow Russia

Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 16:47:24
From: "Copeland, John" John.Copeland@uk.akzonobel.com
Subject: new motorhead album

I'm writing this from work (my OS mailing address is theboycopeland@hotmail.com).

I've been into Lemmy and the chaps since about 1987 when I got the Rock 'n'Roll album which I think is still quality to this day and shows a marked improvement in songwriting compared to the raw and patchy Orgasmatron (although the title track is a classic). I thought that 1916 was even better and possibly has the band at their peak. Although it has some good songs on it, March or Die sounds a bit tired in places and to my eternal shame I still haven't got Bastards or Sacrifice. I thought that both Overnight Sensation and Snake Bite Love were classics, although SBL took a while to grow on me. It has to be said that for a band who have been around so long to still produce albums of this quality is quite amazing.

I bought We Are Motorhead last week and I have to say that I am very disapointed with it. Apart from One more fucking time, none of the songs are really up to scratch. I think the album lacks the humour and blues of previous albums and most of the lyrics are a bit corny. I am hoping that my initial impression is wrong and that the album grows on me with time. If not I can always stock up on albums I don't yet have, such as the new live one.
Does anyone else share my opinion?

Keep up the good work

Tyne and Wear
http://www.international-marine.com International Marine Coatings.
http://www.international-pc.com International Protective Coatings.
http://www.yachtpaint.com International Yacht Coatings.

Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 11:48:40
From: MetalratML@aol.com
Subject: boxed we are motorhead

hello again what s up with the box cd?also how about a killer os 25th anniversary t shirt,please.
matthew lilly

Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 16:01:05
From: "Edward Rezek" lemmy83@hotmail.com
Subject: o.s. new album

Hey Ace!! I have to say that I bought the new album the day it came out in the U.S. and I have to say it is one the greatest albums MOTORHEAD has ever done. I'm totally blown away by it. The band has realy reinvented themselves. The title track itself is amazing,Stay Out of Jail etc. just amazing well done. All I can say NYC June 28 I am there. Stay Clean.

Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 09:55:24
From: Thomas_Flynn@chcmail.com
Subject: os: limb from limb

Last night I was bullshitting with fellow OSer/lady killer Bob Jacko about the new album. Soon we got to talking about what song we'd really like to hear in the upcoming New Jersey show. (Limelight canceled!?!) I thought I had a good one until Bob pulled Overkill's "Limb From Limb" out of his ass and recommended I play it asap. After we hung up, I did. Hot damn was he right! So I'm gonna pass on Bob's suggestion to you all: the next chance you get, play it loud. It's what good livin' is all about.

See ya June 24th!

Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 13:21:44
From: adivirgilio@SUNGARDRS.COM
Subject: os: set list suggestions

>From: David.Weinsier@ING-USAtlanta.com

>Dear Motorhead:
> Please, please, please do something to make this tour different from
>previous ones. I've seen you play in Atlanta 4 times since 1996
>(Sacrifice, OS,SBL, Everything Louder tours), and each time the set is
>almost identical to the tour before. The same songs in just about the
>same order.

>3. Play at least 3 songs from the new album, instead of the usual 1 or 2.
>We'd much rather hear the new cuts than hear "Metropolis" for the 100th time

Ace, I have to agree with most of what David is saying. The show is short and the set list doesn't feature some of the very excellent tracks off of "We Are Motrhead." Man, I can't wait for the Cleveland show, but why doesn't Motrhead play more current stuff? I'd love to see the existing set lists that have been posted PLUS at least four tracks off of "We Are Motrhead."


Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 17:04:32
From: "Jamieson, Don" Don.Jamieson@mtv.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #100!


I have to agree totally with David from Atlanta who wrote in last week about Motorhead changing-up their set list a bit. They've done the same god damned songs for the past 5 tours! And now I see already in OS that they're only doing one song from the new disk?

David hit the nail on the head with some of his choices. I mean, let's be real - they're never gonna play stuff like Under The Knife or Dirty Love but at least throw back in a few classics they have played in the past like:

Eat The Rich
Rock 'N Roll
Sex & Death
Deaf Forever

I'm a Motorhead fan since '82 but I have to say - until they start mixing new songs into the set, I'll spend my money elsewhere.


Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:28:43 GMT+1
From: Robert Terrettaz - kilmister1@caramail.com
Subject: o.s. promotion and rocking vicars

Just two questions.
1. Why the frensch magazines (Hard Rock,Hard n' Heavy,etc...)dont vrote nothing about the new album "We Are Motorhead"... Motorhead wont make promo stuff for the Europans fans?
2. Can i foud the Rocking Vicars album? Is there an re-edition? Can i find this album on current release or only the old collector version of 1965...
I'm born in 72 so i hope this album exist or else i have no chance to found that... Thank you for your job for the Motorhead fan's over the world!
Robert "k" Terrettaz
Vendez tout... aux enchres - http://www.caraplazza.com

Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 09:57:57
From: "Dek Ferenc" deak@mail.digitel2002.hu
Subject: os: new album and the anthology


today the new album appeared in the stores here so it just keeps turning in my player for some hours! What my first impression was that it's a so straight-forward real rock'n'roll album that they didn't do since Bastards, with some of the best heavy moments of Sacrifice and OS. No time wasting - the average song-length is 3min 48sec. I think it can be put proudly next to the 'Bastards'! The sound really kicks and tears and rips and breaks and... The songs that touched me the most for the first time were Wake The Dead - what a great composition -, One More Fucking Time which is a classic somewhere between Lost In The Ozone and One Track Mind, and Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve - great lyrics and wild current! God Save The Queen has what I always missed in punk music (but others like it for that), a kind of musical professionalism in its good sense. The lyrics are cool, and rather personal, not too much about the world and politics and things like that. I think Lemmy proved again that he's the best English lyrics-writer in the world. And the sleeve is also great, the colors are cool. The only drawback is that the lyrics of God Save The Queen is not included, and the lyrics sometimes are not exact absolutely - but I already got used to it. What do you think about that phallyc symbol three-branch arrow?

I saw many of you are lookin for the St. Valentine... EP. If I know well -tell me if not- it was released on CD only in the 10 CD Bronze Singles Anthology box set. It contains eight singles from the first Bronze-single 'Loiue Louie' to 'I Got Mine' and beside them 'The Golden Years' live EP and the 'St. Valentine's Day Massacre' EP. So its biggest values are these great EPs which I think weren't released on CD elsewhere (at least I never saw). I like especially the 'Golden Years', it's a mini-'Hammersmith' with other songs and the same great feeling. The only problem that - I don't know why - the line is ceased after the 10th CD, 'I Got Mine' though another single -'Shine'- was also released from 'Another Perfect Day'. The CDs are in papercases, like the original ones, with the original outlook, the whole thing looks very cool. The box is a pride of my record collection. The poster is not so extra. And owning it one can avoid buying the remastered versions of the old albums for the B-side-songs of the singles (though most of them were on No Remorse too) - and me personally I don't like such remastered editions, neither of other bands, f.e. Black Sabbath's and Ozzy's which aren't too good except for the artwork. The problem is that this box is certainly rather expensive - I asked it for Christmas. And it was out only in 10 000 copies - mine is the 7522nd :-). I don't know if there is some still around. I don't like compilations really but this is a nice, unique and precious memory of that glorious era. So I can only recommend it to anyone.

"<-who keeps the spirit alive->"
'Stand or fall
Get ourselves in something that we can believe
Fight or crawl
Use what you find in yourself to succeed'

p.s.: Motrhead should add one more place to their tourdates: should rock Hungary the 5th time!
>From Wizzo's cool homepage ('a tribute to the loudest band...') recently I've got to know that Motrhead had held its first concert in Hungary back in 1984 in a long-gone sport sight. That time very few "international stars" visited this side of the iron curtain. Among them the most important was Iron Maiden which was famous for going regularly to all countries as possible including Eastern Europe. And Motrhead also did it once, it's great!

Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 07:29:05
From: Dave Hultgren - motorhawk@yahoo.com
Subject: os: correction to my review on amazon

Hello motorheadbangers!

I apologize for being a bit premature on my review being posted on amazon's web site. it seems they rejected my review. I did not use any derogatory words and I gave "We are Motorhead" 5 stars. The new album is very strong and I have already played it through about 7-8 times. Spread the word, great rock and roll has arrived!

Dave "Motorhawk" Hultgren

Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 09:46:48
From: Ryan Randall - busylife@earthlink.net
Subject: os: galaxy theatre show

I am seriously disappointed in the show at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California. No, the band didn't suck. They ruled as usual, but the security was rude and overzealous and the crowd was tame at best. Some cheering and whistles, but no huge ovation as deserved by the greatest band in the world. I live here in Orange County and am sad to say that my neighbors didn't rise to the occasion like they should have. I'm going to the show tonight at the Palace in Hollywood and I'm gonna go fuckin' nuts! I'm gonna do my part to inspire the crowd to join in and give Lemmy and the boys their proper respect.

Motorhead Forever! Born to lose / Live to win!

Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 13:25:53
From: james dean - swollenlogos@excite.com
Subject: o.s.motorhead & nashville pussy

just wanted to vent to someone who cares cuz i'm jumping out of my skin. it took me 14 years to see them again (last time was i think hollywood palladium around 86')so i left to the galaxy theatre 2 hrs early for a 45 min drive to assure i'd make it. speedealer were ok. fu manchu were very cool,alot of sabbathy stuff which is great. NASHVILLE PUSSY, i'm sorry but that was one of the best fucking things i've seen in my life.(and i've been going to shows for free for over 20 years,alot of shows) i've been told to see them for the last year or so and i'm glad i did.I was against the stage in front of bass player , cory i believe, she is the most exotic,filthy, ,wonderfullest thing i've seen. to have that nastiness, size, look and know enough bass to get by is a package. to hook up with that group is just perfect. sick sick sick. i loved it. Motorhead was a long wait come true again. not quite the same band i last seen but dont all of us old fucks just relish in the past? Dont get me wrong, i'm a diehard, i'm tattooed for life with motorhead, i guess beeing a punk and growing up on the older stuff i still cant come to grips with phil c. how longs he been here 18 or so, i know every time i've seen them.( first being 84) Its part the cool guy attitude on stage along with his solos, but i know thats just my opinion. I'm draging on but the thing i wanted to say most is that because of my lack of intelegnce, i refused to pick up ear plugs, always do, though i did not stop to think who i was going to see. i already have 1 bad ear from almost 20 years of punk rock and i had'nt seen them since i was 16 and that ear was'nt as bad then. anyhoot i refused and just before the oncores started , i felt something instantly wrong. My ear just left the building and my other ear feels like it wants to follow. Like i said i have bad ears already, and should take care. I practice with them in but i just dont see motorhead everyday. Today wed 24th i will be at the doctors office trying to do something about the pain thats making me sick & naucious, i cant focus, my balance is out a wack and who knows if i can father another child now. NO, i have had some bad ringing in the ears for days at a time, but this is actually bad. I hope the doc gives good news. Chalk one up for a motorhead nashville pussy tour.

p.s. if anyone was there please email and tell me what you thought, people sitting down sipping coctails while motorhead and nashville fuck a place up seems wierd to me. maybe just me cuz i was in heaven, but lemmy deserves more respect. people need to get of there ass. Got to go and try and explain to my daughter that "just cuz motorhead made daddy deaf its still ok to
listen too".

Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 08:23:02
From: "Scott Peterson" peterson@kosi.com
Subject: the simpson's

I would love to see Motorhead on the Simpson's. It would be great to see a REAL metal band on tv.


Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 07:25:31
From: Tim Wadzinski - tsw512@yahoo.com
Subject: motorhead review

Here's my review of the new Motorhead album. The review is running in this week's Detritus which has gone out via e-mail, and it should be posted to our Web site within a couple days. Thanks.

Tim Wadzinski

MOTORHEAD - WE ARE MOTORHEAD (A-/B+) CMC International, 2000
10 tracks, RT: 38:27
[ http://www.imotorhead.com/ ]
[ http://www.cmcinternational.com ]
Legendary gravelthroat Lemmy is back again, if only briefly, for this under-40-minute slab of classic 'head. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I never liked Motorhead before the 1990s, because to me that's when either 1) I woke up or 2) they got more listenable. Lemmy still sounds the same, but the music from the last decade just doesn't seem quite as harsh to me for some reason. WE ARE MOTORHEAD--amazing they haven't used that title already--has very little in the way of surprises, and unfortunately it's still not produced as well as it should be, but it rocks balls from start to finish, and really, what more do you want from these guys? "See Me Burning" will make do as the band's new live opener, "Stay Out Of Jail" features some really cool jamming heavy rock, "Wake The Dead" has fun aggressive riffing and a nifty bass and clean guitar solo section, "(Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve" pummels, and the closing title track starts out *very* similar to the classic "Ace Of Spades" and then bounds off into the sunset. Lemmy adds another cover to his collection, The Sex Pistols' snotty "God Save The Queen," and revisits the seldom-seen ballad land with (no joke) "One More Fucking Time." Motorhead albums are like AC/DC albums...you pretty much know what you're gonna get. (And what's this thing in the liners? It says if you want Motorhead to appear on "The Simpsons," e-mail the band's Web site. That would be awesome! The address is acetrump@bigfoot.com .) - Tim

Detritus Rock/Metal e-zine - "Rock Hard With A Purpose"

Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 17:40:22
From: DanTheTaper@webtv.net (Dan The Taper)
Subject: os: motorhead live at the palace

Ears are still severely damaged from last nights Motorhead show at the Palace. Surprise surprise, the loudest band in the world still puts on the loudest show in the world! Speedealer, formerly REO Speedealer was the first band on. It was my third time seeing them. Loud driving hardcore set the tone for the rest of the night. Fu Manchu was a typical metal band and was out of place on this bill, Nashville Pussy was every bit as anticipated as the headliner. White trash hicks from Georgia, mostly have a punk rock following although they come closer in style and substance to AC/DC and Motorhead than anyone else. Guitarist Ruyter plays and moves just like Angus Young but is much more fun to watch. Songs included "Go Motherfucker Go" "She's Got The Drugs" and songs about killing people. Although I would highly recommend their albums, they are much better live.
Motorhead has made a few minor changes to the setlist to include some new songs.

We Are Motorhead
No Class
I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care
Over Your Shoulder
Civil War
Take The Blame
Overnight Sensation
God Save The Queen
Born To Raise Hell
Stay Out Of Jail
Dead Men Tell No Tales
Mickey Dee solo
Going To Brazil
Iron Fist
Killed By Death
Ace Of Spades

They played about 95 minutes. Lemmy referred to "God Save The Queen" as first generation punk even though its more like 3rd generation at best. Much more to say but I am tired.

Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 18:02:44
From: Mike Lemster - wizzzo1916@yahoo.com
Subject: os: new new new m o t o r h e a d webpage !!!

Hello everybody,

this is it! We just finished to test the new page that is dedicated to Motorhead totally, completely and fully.

Now, it contains:

- Pictures. I'm sure you haven't seen some of them before!
- Motorhead MP3s. Yeah, a few ones.
- The poll. Current question is 'Best Motorhead line-up'. Lemmy - Phil - Mikkey? Or you prefer Lemmy -
Eddie - Philthy? Lemmy - Wurzel - Phil - Philthy? Or another opinion? C'mon and vote!
- Linkbase. A hell of a lot of links to Motorhead stuff in the Net. How many links - 70? 80? 100? I dunno, it was too difficult to count them all! It's the biggest Motorhead linkbase for sure.

So that's what the page currently has.

Maybe, the page is gonna take its place in the line of the 4 best Motorhead sites - The Official Site, No Sleep Til Detox, No Sleep Til my Ears Bleed, Motorheadbangers World Online.

The addy is: http://www.motorhead.boom.ru

Hope you won't be disappointed.

Mike Lemster.

Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 21:19:43
From: "MF-B(astard)" rock-n-roll@iname.com
Subject: os: motorhead poll

New Motorhead poll!
Best Line-Up http://thunder.prohosting.com/~motor/cgi-bin/m-vote/pollit.cgi
Come! Vote!


Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 23:14:33
From: Arrobmat@aol.com
Subject: what's words worth?

I have an old live album from 1978 called What's Words Worth? on Astan Records. Can you give me any info on this album and what it is worth? What's Words Worth? worth? (no pun intended)! Thanks!

Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 10:55:07
From: "Carina" carina.millros@swipnet.se
Subject: simpsons

I read in Motorheads new album that i culd send you a not if I wont to have the video with Motorhead in the Simpsons.
So, if you will send me that I would be glad. Thanks.

- carina.millros@swipnet.se

Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 18:11:27
From: "gmx" juergen.fueloep@gmx.de
Subject: re: young girls digging motorhead

In my opinion the only thing better, than young Girls with MH-shirts, are young girls without any shirts. TRUE Motorheadbangers like both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 16:25:57
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: os: re #99

>>Wonder if you can help. I notice that we will have a choice of two new
>>motorhead cd's one is 'we are motorhead' - spv08521822 and the other is
>>'we are motorhead ltd' - spv08821820. Do you know what the main
>>differences are between the two cd's ?
--------> yes, the first one is the "normal" edition;
the second one is a special limited black box with a silver Snaggletooth on the cover, it contains the CD, a poster of the cover, a black & white photography of the band and a sticker by the way, the new album KILLS ! ok, we say it for every new Motrhead CD, but this one is really GOOD ! Songs like "Wake The Dead", "Out To Lunch" and "Slow Dance" are fabulous. The guys are playing better than ever ! Listen to Mikky's incredible performance on "Slow Dance". There is absolutely no weak song on that album. And the last one "We Are Motrhead" is already a classic ! They are really born to kick our ass.
I can't wait to see them on stage , friday July 7 !

rock'n'roll forever,


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