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Issue #100 - May 19, 2000
OS: Very important! about limited 10000 Motorhead box set I found! Read ASAP!
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #99
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #99
OS: Set Lists
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #99
OS: SLo Paulo gig
OS: The MotTrhead-Girlschool EP?
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #99
OS: Destroyed Rock City concert date
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #99
OS: Motorhead rocked Brazil
OS: Motorhead rocked Brazil, part two.
RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #99
OS: Reissues of motTrhead records + European tourdates!
OS: Streaming Audio Station
OS: Mysterious Ltd Edition
OS: ACE OF SPADES, Cardiff CF1 Club, Fri 5th May 2000.
os: Percy,
OS: Supersuckers/Motorhead Toronto
OS: Mot˘rhead font?
OS: Motorhead Fans Unite
OS: Big hush-hush
OS: Overnight Sensation Picture Gallery?
OS: ceremony in Argentina
OS: Mot˘rhead was GREAT!
OS: God Save The Queen
OS: Mot˘rhead in Argentina!!!!!!!
OS: Set list suggestions
OS: New Album
os: any australian dates
OS: 25th anniversary tour
OS: New Album
OS: past tour dates
OS: New Album
OS: We are Motorhead ltd. edition and Motorhead at Waldrock
OS: Motorhead anagrams

Total Motorheadbangers Receiving This Issue: 2461


Date: May 19, 2000
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: OS: Issue #100!

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

100 issues... WOW! I want to take this opportunity to say some thank yous...

First and foremost, thanks to Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey... you guys have made this all worthwhile.

Alex and Todd - you guys ROCK!

Paul, thanks for all your help and work... I truly feel lucky to know you...

And, of course, to all Overnight Sensation members around the world... without you this list would literally be nothing. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this... thanks to you all and I look forward to issue #200 now!!!

Tour Dates! Get you Tour Dates!

If there are any Motorheadbangers out there that can get me a copy of any of the posters used to promote gigs in their town, I would be grateful. Please contact me off of list to arrange shipment. I think it would be cool to do a section in the gallery of nothing but posters. I need your help, please let me know if you are up to it! Thanks!

I have received some more of dates on the 25th Anniversary Motorhead tour. Nashville Pussy will be going out with them again. Here are the dates that I have so far...

Sun May 21 Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues
Tue May 23 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy
Wed May 24 Los Angeles, CA The Palace
Thu May 25 San Francisco, CA Maritime Hall
Sat May 27 Portland, OR Roseland
Sun May 28 Boise, ID Skateworld
Mon May 29 Seattle, WA Showbox
Tue May 30 Victoria, BC The Central
Wed May 31 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
Fri Jun 02 Edmonton, AB Northlands Agricom
Sat Jun 03 Calgary, AB MacEwan Hall
Mon Jun 05 Winnipeg, MB Walker Theatre
Tue Jun 06 Fargo, ND Playhouse Pavillion
Wed Jun 07 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
Fri Jun 09 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
Sat Jun 10 Colorado Spgs, CO Music Hall
Sun Jun 11 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
Tue Jun 13 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Wed Jun 14 Ft. Wayne, IN Piere's
Thu Jun 15 Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargos
Fri Jun 16 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom
Sat Jun 17 Cincinnati, OH Bogarts
Sun Jun 18 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
Tue Jun 20 Charleston, SC Music Farm
Thu Jun 22 Norfolk, VA The Boathouse
Fri Jun 23 Old Bridge, NJ Birch Hill
Sat Jun 24 Toronto, ON The Warehouse
Sun Jun 25 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
Tue Jun 27 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
Wed Jun 28 New York, NY Limelight

Fri July 7 Belgium Dour Festival
Sat July 8 Mannheim Maimarktgelande
Sun July 9 Essen Georg-Meiches-Stadion
Tue July 11 Munich Georg-Elser-Halle
Thu July 13 Berlin Columbiahalle
Fri July 14 Dresden Alter Schlachthof
Sat July 15 Hannover Capitol (tbc)
Sun July 16 Leipzig Haus Auensee
Fri July 28 England Guildford Festival
Sat July 29 England Nottingham, Rock & Blues Custom Show

In addition, Motorhead will be playing in Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Portugal between July 17-27 at various festivals. Specific dates will be posted as I get them. Later in the year will tentatively see Motorhead visiting Japan in September and Germany/United Kingdom in November/December. What a killer year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the loudest band in the world!
Have an awesome week!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 16:11:44
From: "Vixen" vixen_laura@hotmail.com
Subject: Very important! about limited 10000 Motorhead box set I found!

Now that I have your attention here's the nitty gritty:
I need info on the Box set of Motorhead singles which was released in limited edition restricted to 10000.

Summation of words on cover:
Motorhead Sticker that says: "10 Cd Box Set
w/ Poster Limited Edition of 10000"
"Born to Lose, Live to Win" "The Bronze Singles 1978-1983 10 CD anthology "

Basically, I need to know as much=INFO as possible as=SOON as possible, like=TODAY would be BEST!

The rest of the email below is just an explanation of my situation (why I need the info, how I got the box set,etc.), a little bit of background, and alot of chit chat and persuasion to make sure atleast a few people who read this actually reply. There is no more info on the box set in there. Please feel free to go ahead and email me now about the CD (The rest is just fluff if you're already impressed by just the box set itself).

Hey Fans,

This is Jason's girlfriend Laura. Jason's on your list. I have a quick question for you guys. I was cleaning out a box of shit my ex husband left over before we split up and I found a Motorhead box set that Jason didn't already own. Next week is our one year anniversary and I know this is valuable, but is it valuable enough that I don't have to buy him another present for next week? Especially if I know it's something I found in a box of shit that my ex forgot? Jason is a huge music geek and owns every version of every album (3 times each times album atleast for vinyl, cassette, CD and all of the 7 inch of the CD). He is a completist, at last count he 1367 items in his Motorhead collection in the music section alone (also including a few dozen bootlegs and videos). Don't even try to count shirts, etc.. Anyway, I know that Jason is gonna love it, but I'm curious as to how much a huge Motorhead who stays within normal boundaries (owns atleast 15 CDs all the way up to 1000=pieces of music by Motorhead.) I'd only bought 30 of their CDs on my own=before I started dating real fans, so I consider myself an avid collector with a healthy thirst for all the Motorhead info I can get. Basically, I also want to know for my own curiosity the geeky tidbits about the box set that only you guys could also possibly appreciate. I know Jason knows, but it'll ruin the surprise and I can't give it to him for 6 more days, which is so long to stay curious about something I probably already should know about Motorhead. Basically, if you guys know the answers to these questions (What's the price originally and a fair estimate of it's current value as a collectible? How hard is it to find? Did Bronze pull the old limited edition 10000 put do 5 sets so it's really actually 50K available, etc) I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a quick note with the stuff you know and anything else you could possibly know about the box set. I just found out I couldn't order it when I checked out all my normal sources a few minutes ago. Now I am so anxious that even though I'll be off work and at home in 6 hrs and 8 minutes (I really have way too much free time at work to figure out shit like the worst case scenario time I could possibly get home to the exact minute) where I have every possible source to look for the answer in, I'd really like to know as much as possible before then, because it seems so far away... You guys know how it is. Besides just the normal level of high curiosity, I have nothing else to do at work, so I have no reason to keep myself from searching every corner of the internet and=you guys know how=it is when you have 7 hrs on the internet to devote to 1 thing and after=only 1 hour I've=almost run out of places to look even. I've even been=hundreds of=Motorhead chat rms on the off chance.==So now I'm down to 1 more hr max=before I run out of things that even have a remote possibility of having a remote possibility and you know what that means... 5 hrs of nothing to distract me from thinking about the box. I'm gonna die! Please help ASAP. If you understood enough of what I've rambled about to reach the end of this then you're=enough into both computers and Motorhead to know exactly what I mean and I can feel my pain. You're the ones I need help from ASAP only because=I know you know how much=my day is gonna suck until I get home.==Come on. We share the bond of select few Motorhead fans, so do it out of loyalty. Now that I've tryed every angle I have, I'll just=end it here and wait for relief to flood in soon.
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 17:43:29
From: "Paul Surowiec" SURO1870@rowan.edu
Subject: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #99

I have been into Motorhead for about 5 years and have never had the chance to see them. It would be great if they would play some east coast dates. (Boston, NYC, Philly, DC, Richmond, anything.) All OSers from the east coast should unite and try to get the World's Loudest (and greatest) band to come out here.

* Ace: Your wish is my command... :-)

Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 18:05:31
From: Noisegood@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #99

motorhead needs to come to boston or closer to maine. portland maine would be a killer motorhead show

Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 18:36:38
From: "King Surly" bsalyn@sprint.ca
Subject: os: set lists

Can everybody going to see the shows on this tour try posting the set lists? I really hope they do classics like Jailbait and Sex and Outrage.... perhaps a young underage girl medley? (laughs)

Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 19:53:31
From: EPac@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #99

Anyone out there know a site where I can get the new album's artwork as wallpaper (in the correct size, not small & cascaded).. Thanks,

Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 22:33:04
From: "Martin Herraiz" martin_fast@hotmail.com
Subject: os: slo paulo gig

WhatŽs up everybody! Happy 100th issue!
The Mot˘rhead gig at SŠo Paulo was yesterday. The hotel where the band was staying was close to the concert hall, so my friend Pedro (MHB 1643) and I went there to see if we could meet them. What followed is too shameful of an episode to tell you all, but it ends with Pedro managing to get us kicked out of the hotel and we getting stopped by police (called by the hotelŽs supervisor) with guns to our heads. Although he had drunk lots of beer and a glass of JD, he claims he was NOT drunk. Later, as we waited in line for the hall to open, he also managed to get his ass kicked by the crowd (IŽm ommitting all the details), resulting in his passing out and 5 points to his inferior lip at the hallŽs infirmary -not after much struggle, as he refused to accept anyoneŽs help. We were thus forced to trade our floor tickets for some seats on a booth 10 meters above and at leat 50 meters away from the stage. It was a killer show, nevertheless. The set list was the same as posted on OS #99 for the Curitiba gig, with a slightly different order maybe and "Born To Raise Hell" added. Although the most pleasant surprise for me was "Dead Men Tell No Tales", Lemmy introduced the Pistols cover as "a surprise", and once again replied "yes, I know" to the crowdŽs relentless premature requests for "Ace Of Spades". Towards the end of the gig he solemnly declared: "Rock Žn Roll can save all of you!" I was only disappointed with the length of the show. 18 songs seems pretty short for a band that has just released a live double CD! Maybe it was a warm-up tour after all. Afterwards I went home. Pedro went to a bar where the band was supposedly showing up after the gig, so perhaps he can fill you in on this. Now, I hope I donŽt have to wait 4 more years for another chance to see them and talk to them again!
Now for some comments on the 99th issue:
Ace, I donŽt think youŽll be interested on the posters for this show. They consist on no more than a black sheet of paper with "Mot˘rhead" written on it (and I donŽt mean the logo), plus "tickets up from R$ 7.50" and date. I had no idea "Iron Horse and the Hordes from Hell" was identical to the legendary "WhatŽs Words Worth"! IŽve had chances to buy that one before, and regretfully I passed them by. Can anyone tell me whatŽs the original cover and track listing for "WWW"? I thought it was from the "Another Perfect Day" tour. ThatŽs all for now. Probably more when I get the new album. Drink less alcohol & smoke more pot.
Martin (MHB 1642)

Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 09:21:32
From: "Sven Andersson" sa_7@hotmail.com
Subject: os: the mottrhead-girlschool ep?


Does anyone know if I can get the Mot˘rhead-Girlschool EP with the songs "Please don't touch" and "Emergency" on CD? Also does anyone know what other songs this EP includes?


Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 12:35:03
From: gdeans3@csc.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #99

With regard to the tour dates one of the Leeds University dates was cancelled (can't remeber which), due to lack of ticket sales I seem to remember, which was annoying as I had tickets for both nights!

Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 12:03:48
From: "john lamping" corrickey@hotmail.com
Subject: os destroyed rock city concert date

Motorhead is scheduled to play Thursday, June 15 in Pontiac, Michigan. The club is Clutch Cargos. Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers & Hair of the Dog will open.

Check out http://www.961melt.com/events.htm for info.


Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 08:15:47
From: JackMayhem@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #99

You forgot to list the Chicago show upcoming at the House of Blues June 13th.


Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 21:47:17
From: "Alpendre" sealpendre@uol.com.br
Subject: os: motorhead rocked brazil

Heaven. I'm in heaven!!!

The fourth time Motorhead rocked Brazil and IMHO each time they got better. I spent whole centuries reading your posts from all around the world detailing MH gigs and how it was amazing...


I went to the Credicard Hall on Sat, may 6, thinking it would not be packed. Happily, there was a big crowd already screamin' for Motorhead. When the doors opened I was pretty drunk already. Then I saw myself into the mob, each one struggling for a spot next to the stage. But it's a brothers' fight.

No opening act.

Then the lights went down and on stage came the three. Almost couldn't believe when I saw the man himself sayin' "we are Motorhead" etc. Then Bomber on us. And I lost my cap on this first song. Then the succession of classics recent and old. Lord, what a rockin' night!!! Every one of the three are in the finest shape. A hell of a band... And the crowd were up to the words of Overkill (my favourite set of lyrics). I'm proud as one can impossibly be!

Set list was (running order was lost in my drunken-hearted mind) ----> Bomber / No Class / I'm So Bad / Metropolis / Sacrifice / Take the Blame / Civil War / Dead Men Tell No Tales / Orgasmatron / Born to raise hell / Over your shoulder / Overnight Sensation / God Save the Queen / Going to BRAZIL / Iron Fist / Killed By Death. Encores were Ace of Spades / Overkill.

God Bless

RicardŠo Alpendre do Brasil
OS'er forever

Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 21:50:12
From: "Alpendre" sealpendre@uol.com.br
Subject: os: motorhead rocked brazil, part two.

Me again, lunatics!!!

After the show Motorhead went to the Manifesto, a rock bar here in SŠo Paulo. There they kept partying for the rest of the night.First I had a little talk with Mikkey when I mentioned this list bringin' fans together. After a while I didn't see him anymore. Then I talked to this guy Yogi from the crew. I told him about not having Official Motorheadwear to buy at the venue so I couldn't get genuine gear. Bands generally don't bring the genuine stuff. After a little argument (he was a bit confuse, but an
extremely nice guy), we changed t-shirts. His was official, of course; mine not. But he liked my non-official-five-dollars-shirt, silvered-stamped on black.

Then I gave this (now mine) Motorhead-England tee-shirt to Phil and Lemmy and they signed it. I had the chance to shake hands with Lemmy and tell him something: I'm a long time fan, I've just seen one of the greatest shows of my life and gonna tell all the world via Ace Trump mailing list... He smiled and kept shakin' my hand as I talked, then he said something I couldn't understand (figure me, drunk and non-english). And signed my concert ticket too.

Then I knew a lot of fans I didn't know, including pretty girls.

Now when Saxon come, later this month or early next, I'm goin' to the show wearin' Motorhead t-shirt again. And forever.

Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night

RicardŠo Alpendre do Brasil
OS'er forever

Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 09:00:08
From: "Varney, Christopher" C.Varney@shu.ac.uk
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #99

Hello Ace.

About time I commented on tour dates. Motorhead are playing two gigs in England, R&B show and Guildford. Both 'Rock' festivals, and I use the term loosely. Went to R&B a few years ago and stayed for the weekend to be ripped off for food, beer, and every thing else, and to have my tent ripped, bike damaged, and two friends got a serious kicking. Good choice of venue.
Why choose this of all the venues they could have played in the North? And the poor sods in Scotland get nowt? then folks complain they haven't seen Motorhead for three months. Shame Try it in UK. Yes I only live 300 miles from Guildford, but the logistics involved in getting there, and the cost of fuel over here, ($5.50 a gallon), makes a 600 mile round trip an expensive proposition. $60+ for fuel, $30 or 40 for the ticket $20 or 30 more for the shirt, 5 or 6 hours on the road each way, book a hotel room in Guildford and another $75. $200 for a night out? fine if you can afford it, shit when you only earn the equivalent of $300 a week. Some folks don't realise how lucky they are.


Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 09:14:58
From: "Sven Andersson" sa_7@hotmail.com
Subject: os: reissues of mottrhead records + european tourdates!

I have heard that people are complaining about all the earlier mot˘rhead-records are being re-realeased with x-tra songs and reissued design. I, for one, think that they kick ass. I've got Overkill, Bomber and Ace of spades (and Everything louder than everyone else) so far, and the new issues of these three records includes B-sides of the singles for the records. "Overkill" includes B-sides and the old Kingsmen song Louie, Louie. Bomber includes the Golden years EP ond "Over the top" wich was the B-side track of the "Bomber" single. Finally "Ace of spades" includes "Dirty love", B-side of Ace of spades and the two ather songs from the St. Valentines day massacre EP along with Girlschool, apart from "Bomber", "Please don't touch" and "Emergency". As I said I think it's AWSOME that we Mot˘rheadbangers can get old rare material on the new pressings. Of course all the Mot˘rhead songs kicks ass, but, I definatly think taht the non-Mot˘rsongs kix ass too. I just can't get enough of "Please don't touch".


Another thing. On the tour-map there ase only a few gigs booked in Europe and NON in Sweden. Please tell me that there will be more gigs in Europe!!! And of course in SWEDEN!!!
Ace, your page kicks a lot of ass!!!

Thanx again!!!

Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 21:04:47
From: "Commissar88" commissar88@cfl.rr.com
Subject: os: streaming audio station

Just a little "advertisement" I guess.

I started a station thru SHOUTCast, a classic/Southern Rock and Metal station. Mostly metal, a lot of good classic rock songs.

Main thing is, 94 Mot˘rhead songs in the playlist! No Remorse, Rock 'n' Roll, N˘ Sleep At All, 1916, Sacrifice, and probably a few more albums in there that I can't think of off the top of my head. I'm going to try to add Everything Louder Than Everyone Else soon as well (soon's I can afford a copy). I must say, as much as I download MP3's I refuse to pirate Mot˘rhead. They've never been untrue to the fans, and they certainly aren't rich men...

So to conclude my little ad here, go to http://www.rebelradio.net and tune in, or tune in directly at

If you have WinAmp, Realplayer, Ultraplayer, and I BELIVE Sonique or Kjofol you can stream these. Maybe just the first 3....

Anyway, have a look 'round the site, tune in, rock out, and let me know what you think.

ICQ: 26102945
#LunarAudio on DALNet (IRC)

Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 17:24:22
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: mysterious ltd edition


> From: "deaf forever" bleedingears@hotmail.com
> > Subject: os: choice of 'we are motorhead' cd's

> Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 15:38:48
> Hi Ace,
> Wonder if you can help. I notice that we will have a choice of two new
> motorhead cd's one is 'we are motorhead' - spv08521822 and the other is
> 'we are motorhead ltd' - spv08821820. Do you know what the main
> differences are between the two cd's ?
> cheers
> *Ace: Hummm... first I hear of this... anyone else out there have any
> info?

I guess the second one will be a digipack

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB 1916
Moscow Russia

From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 17:37:12

>From: "Katinka H.Nilsen" katnil@ha-nett.no
> >Subject: young girls digging motorhead

>Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 13:32:51

>I haven't actually been following the disscussion very closely, but I have
>understood that some of you "true" Motorheadbangers doesn't aprove of
>young girls buying MH t-shirts.
>You should be glad that some of the younger generation have the ability to
>recognize good music when they hear it, right?Oh yeah, and I do wear
>Motorhead t-shirts!....
>+TINKA+ Born to rase hell!

Those so-called Motorheadbangers you've mentioned no doubt are no 'true' Motorheadbangers, they're false! (ha-ha, DEATH TO FALSE MOTORHEADBANGERS! - seems that reminds of anything, eeh?) They're missing what Motorhead is all about: Do what you think is right and just HAVE FUN!!! If you like the T-shirt - come on, wear it and don't listen to nobody!

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB 1916
Moscow Russia

All the best,

Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 16:40:34
From: "Price N (HaSS)" nprice1@glam.ac.uk
Subject: ace of spades, cardiff cf1 club, fri 5th may 2000.

Where to start? Lets describe the venue. Situated down a narrow alley opposite Cardiff Castle and describing itself as Cardiff's only rock venue - which is quite possibly true as the rock scene in Wales at the moment is crap to say the least!! But hopefully is picking up again, all be it too slowly. The ground floor houses the toilets and entrance, the second floor a rock disco and bar and the third floor the live room and bar - yes, the third floor!! When we arrived around 9.30pm the band were trying to recover from the un-envious task of humping their gear up 3 flights of stairs (no lift!) and then doing a sound check! I asked Alan what time they were due on and he replied - 11.30pm- yes its one of those places!! The actual room could hold about 200 people at a push.

At about 10.30pm people started arriving, a mix of HAWKWIND (me), MOTORHEAD fans and younger metal heads who probably did'nt even know who the band consisted of! For those of you in this category the band are ALAN DAVEY (Bass & Vocals), DANNY THOMPSON (Drums) - both ex-Hawkwind members, and GLENN POVEY (guitars).Unfortunately the place did'nt fill up but there was a respectable turn out. Some people were conspicuous by their absence - you know who you are - BASTARDS!!! On a trip to the bogs I could see that there were more people in the disco than at the gig! The twats would rather listen to some jerk playing records than to live music!! They did'nt know what they were missing!!

WHAT A GIG!!!! The best way of describing the music was that it was exactly like watching Motorhead in the early days when they first started out playing small clubs - those old Headbangers amongst you will know what I'm talking about! Alan Davey's Richenbacker Bass registered 10 on the Richter scale wth gravel vocals to match - a very competant Lemmy impersonation - even his stance and head raised to reach the mike gave you the impression you were watching Lemmy!! Danny Thompson on drums was awesome - in my humble opinion simply one of the best drummers in the world! And whose performance was easily on a par with Philthy 'Animal' Taylor! Glenn Povey on lead guitar was excellent to say the least, especially when he swapped his normal guitar for a double fret! (one six string and the other twelve string) - a very competant 'Fast' Eddy like performance.

The extremely loud set consisted of the following songs:-

The gig was awesome and I recommend anyone into Rock and Motorhead to check them out. I guarantee you wont be disappointed. The only thing I could criticise was the lack of lighting for the stage which if a lot better would have improved the atmosphere in the place and complemented the powerful music! At the end of the night everyone was coming up to the band saying how much they had enjoyed the gig - but no bastard helped to cart the gear down the stairs to the van - except yours truly (and it fucking nearly killed me!) BACK TO MY HOUSE FOR A CURRY!!!!

Neil Price (Porthcawl, Wales. 10th May 2000).

Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 18:58:21
From: "derek ." nightside28@hotmail.com
Subject: os percy,

just a note to say the Motorheadbangers of Australia appreciate your effort so we can stay on top of all the news. Percy,it's great to love the old mh style,but the new improved kicks ass. Can't wait till "we are", but we may have to wait up to a month to get our copy shipped downunder from U.S.- Who says e-sales is faster.


Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 23:11:55
From: "paul grogan" paul.grogan@sympatico.ca
Subject: os: supersuckers/motorhead toronto

I dunno about anybody else but this is going to be a dream date for this Toronto boy.
My two favourite bands in one night. If anyone else on the list is unfamiliar with the 'suckers check out supersuckers.com or How the Supersuckers became the world's greatest rock'n'roll band (but one) (my addition).

They deserve an opening slot. If any other Torontonians are going and would like to meet for a refreshment post to the list - it's a Saturday night - and should be a fine, fine time.

Keep up the great work ACE and thanks for all you do...

Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 00:27:17
From: "M G" mg@ironmaiden.com
Subject: mot˘rhead font?


I wonder if you know where i could get the Mot˘rhead font, and if there is any dates for Sweden yet? I've heard rumours of December...

'Metal 2000 ~ World Tour' - The Ultimate Metal Experience...

Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 11:33:20
From: "Mike G." lizdblzzrd@yahoo.com
Subject: os: motorhead fans unite

Hey Ace and all you Motorheadbangers out there! Your fellow Motorhead fan mates need your help!

Click on the link below and register to vote for us and tell us what you think. We'd really appreciate any feedback and your vote!!


We really appreciate your time!!
See you at the show on May 25th in San Francisco!!


Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 21:04:22
From: "Mattias Ekstam" mattias.ekstam@swipnet.se
Subject: big hush-hush

Organization: Micron Electronics, Inc.
Just managed to get hold of a copy of "We Are Mot˘rhead" two days before it's European release date thanks to the ever friendly record dealer down the street. Now get this: IT KICKS! (The record, that is.) But you already knew that, didn't you? So Ace, when are the guys coming over to Sweden again?

(And yes! I do want to see them on the Simpsons show.)

/M. E.

Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 23:02:42
From: David Hultgren - dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: overnight sensation picture gallery?

Hello Ace, and fellow Motorheadbangers!

This is just an idea to kick around. I thought since this is the 25th anniversary of Motorhead's existence, that a good idea would be to make a collage of the pictures of all motorhead fans, or put into some other format like a scrapbook for the band. It would show the diversity of motorhead fans, as I myself am a reference librarian by trade. But no matter what, Motorhead is by far my favorite band and has been for 8 years now. I have already heard over 1/2 the album and it is very hard rocking and has a "Bastards" like sound quality to it. Incredible.

Just an idea

All the Aces!
Dave Hultgren

**Ace: what do you all think?

Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 02:26:18
From: "Jose M. Villar" josemv@cvtci.com.ar
Subject: os: ceremony in argentina

Hi Ace,

It is 1:30 AM, and hour since Motorhead finished their only gig here in Buenos Aires. I wanted to be the first to write, thats why I am here. Oh men, my english is not rich enough to describe what me and other 4999 people just felt. The show started strangely on time at 23:00 with the usual "We=are Motorhead and we will kick your ass". Then, havoc, mayhem, passion, power, speed, sound, all what Motorhead delivers on each and every gig they play here. They opened with Bomber. The set list was much like this (only the opening and closing song are in order. Any mistakes will be mend by my fellow country OSers)

*Ace of Spades
*Over your shoulder
*Born to raise hell
*Dead men tell no tales
*Going to Argentina (yeah, they even changed the lyrics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*God save the queen
*Civil war
*Take the blame
*Overnight Sensation
*Killed by death
They rocked our arses. The=band sounded so powerful and compact, and Mickey Dee really left us gaping because of the speed at which he plays. Know what I saw after the show ???? A GENUINE OS T-SHIRT !!!!!!!!!!!! Men, you gotta know that here in Argentina there=will be four proud OSers wearing them. A former OSer ordered them, so I hope soon I will have mine. It was the best damned concert I have ever seen. I hope they dont take five more years for their next visit. I met some actual OSers, and I hope from now on we will gather to remember this amazing evening. Over and out,

(a.k.a. Dogo)

Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 17:01:37
From: MALEFICIUS - abindi@fibertel.com.ar
Subject: mot˘rhead was great!

Hi man, i wrote you an email about a month ago asking you to use the official pics, and about Mot˘rhead in Argentina. You answered me that it was a promoters matter, since they didn't wanted to pay. A little time after, and i hear the band is coming. So i wanna know, after i asked you, you got in touch again with Argentina's promoters and they sayed 'yes' this time? However, the band played last night in Obras Stadium and it was a great show, the only bad thing is that we where a few people who understanded what the band said during show, and when they asked something, almost no one answered. This is because most people doesn't know english enough, not because they didn't liked the show, i repeat, it was GREAT. Well, i hope they return sooner. See ya. Alejandro - http://metalpesado.cjb.net

*Ace: I WISH I had that sort of power.... :-)

Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 17:53:09
From: "Miguel G. Kenny" mgk1@kultrum.com.ar
Subject: os/motorhead in buenos aires

Saturday 13 of May of 2000, what a night to remember!!! A rockinŽ night in Buenos Aires. Two big bands about to rock this city: 5IVE and MOTORHEAD!!! I couldnŽt make up my mind, so I toss a coin. The coin said : "Go to see 5IVE". Of course, I throw the coin away and went to see the MOTORHEAD Show...and What a Show!!! They play in Obras, an indoor stadium, it was packed by 3000/3500 peoples. The problem was the ticket price: $25/$35/$45. A lot of people was not able to buy the ticket. The gate was open at 20:30. At 21:00 play VELOCET, an argentine band, mix of Metallica and Maiden. Then played VIRTUAL. And at 23:00 sharp uncle LEMMY, Phil and Micky hit the stage, Lemmy with a cowboy hat, said: "Argentina, land of my dreams, is good to be back, and in case you are in the wrong show, we are Motorhead, and we are gonna kick your ass". And they start with BOMBER, then STAY CLEAN, IŽM SO BAD BABY I DONŽT CARE, and they go on killing us for the next 90 minutes. Lemmy was in an excelent mood, he joke all the time, said "WE ARE MOTORHEAD is our new album. you should buy it. If you canŽt, steal it!". They play a lot of classics, MOTORHEAD, ORGASMATRON, METROPOLIS, OVERNIGHT SENSATION. Suddenly Lemmy said: "we are gonna play one for all the mothers and fathers out there" then they start "Dead Man Tell No Tales". The crowd was crazy all the time, singing & shouting & slaming & swepting and really having a good time...Ah! when Lemmy was here in 93 with RAMONES he start singing "DonŽt Cry For Me Argentina" and said:" Argentina...Argentina...I canŽt find a word to rhime with it, but next time IŽll do a song for you" .This time, before, GOING TO BRAZIL he anounce that "there will be a change in the lirics, will sing GOING TO BUENOS AIRES, DOWN TO ARGENTINA" AND WE ALL WENT MAD! They play OVER YOUR SHOULDER, CIVIL WAR, KILL BY DEATH, IRON FIST They also play GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, only the punkies knows and pogo with that song, it was great. The public was people in the 30/35 years old and young punks of 20, that discover them when they play whith RAMONES. And they close with OVERKILL. Left the stage and return to say good by with ACE OF SPADES. WHAT A FUCKING SHOW!!! I saw MOTORHEAD 6 times, and this was the best show of all. They are a compact krushing machine ready to blow our minds, and they do it!! MOTORHEAD is like a storm, like the wind, like a roaring thunder: THEY ARE UNSTOPPABLE!! They have 25 years on their back, but they are present time .And the future belongs to them!!!
So, my OS brothers & sisters, I donŽt care if your dog is sick, your house is burning, your Granny is dying, you must..no..you ought to go and see MOTORHEAD alive and kiking asses. It is an experience that you will tell to yours grand children.
Miguel G. Kenny

Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 12:20:26
From: "Peter Golding" peter.golding@virgin.net
Subject: os: god save the queen

Hi Ace - keep it up.

Any news on single formats / release dates etc?
Also - would be great to see a T-shirt like the old God Save The Queen single cover, but with Lemmy or Snaggletooth with the safety pin through the nose? I might do it myself if no-one else is? Any takers?

Pete G

Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 09:13:30
From: "Aragorn" aragorn4094@flashmail.com
Subject: os: mot˘rhead in argentina!!!!!!!

We finally could see Mot˘rhead alive again !!!!!! Last time was in 1995. The show was awesome.

Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 08:18:19
From: David.Weinsier@ING-USAtlanta.com
Subject: os: set list suggestions

Just heard the boys will be rocking Atlanta again this summer!

Dear Motorhead:
Please, please, please do something to make this tour different from previous ones. I've seen you play in Atlanta 4 times since 1996 (Sacrifice, OS, SBL, Everything Louder tours), and each time the set is almost identical to the tour before. The same songs in just about the same order. Here are some suggestions:

1. Bring back some of the '90's tracks you've dropped from the set in recent years like "No Voices in the Sky", "Sex & Death", "Liar", and "Snake Bite Love" (Let's be honest, the older stuff can't compare to Motorhead in the '90's).
2. Play a "Bastards" medley (by far the greatest album)
3. Play at least 3 songs from the new album, instead of the usual 1 or 2. We'd much rather hear the new cuts than hear "Metropolis" for the 100th time
4. The 11th Commandment does not say "Thou must close with Ace and Overkill". How about shocking us with a different closer in every city (like Metallica does)

See you June 18th!!!

Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 15:05:08
From: "John Carley" jcarley@carley.fsnet.co.uk
Subject: new album

Hi Ace, Just bought the new album, got the limited edition in the leather case. Rockin' album! The productions rather decent this time, too.

Regards, John Carley, Nottingham UK

Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 12:49:30
From: "derek ." nightside28@hotmail.com
Subject: os.any australian dates

I saw the old 1984 Australian tour dates and was wondering if we were going to get a look in this time around?
It sucks reading about all the other gigs they do around the world,knowing we'll probably miss out. Also,to let you know once again ace,your doing the world a great service with your efforts on the motorheadweb. Any news on any Australian MH gigs.
MH rules.

**Ace: If I get news on tour dates, I post them the same day on the website... I have my figers crossed for you...

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 08:14:56
From: "Kathryn Edgecock" kathryn94@hotmail.com
Subject: 25th anniversary tour

Does anyone know where I can find details of the Nottingham gig...box office etc??

Oh Ace....the chat room is really cool, and you're doing an excellent job...Cheers!!!

Kathryn xxx

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 09:26:43
From: "John Smedley" jbsm@bgs.ac.uk
Subject: new album

Me like,
Me like
Very much

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:29:16
From: Stefano Loi - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: past tour dates

MHB 1053

Relating to the lack of Italian dates on the Collector's Guide, I spent gleeful hours of mindnumbing research going through various bootleg lists, tour notices and thirteen years of MHB World Magazine. Perhaps the work of a madman as I've been told! Almost 1500 dates I've found but the list is of course not complete, I think more than 200 concerts have been missed.
I ask your help Motorhead fanatics all over the world, correct the list if you are sure of a mistake and add some more dates if you can! Write to nuraxi@yahoo.com with the subject "past tour dates", let me know the venues if known, please.

+++ The results are for the web site +++

This issue: years 1985 - 1986


Tenth Anniversary Gigs (The Birthday Party video)
28.06 London - Hammersmith Odeon
29.06 London - Hammersmith Odeon

It Never Gets Dark Tour (Scandinavia)
05.07 Malung (Titties And Vodka bootleg)
06.07 Oslo
07.07 Sandnos
08.07 Bergen
10.07 Trondheim
11.07 Osterund
12.07 Ornskoldsvik
14.07 Pello
14.07 Kiruna
15.07 Tromso
17.07 Overkalix
18.07 Storuman
19.07 Fagersta
20.07 Eda Charlottenberg
21.07 Narpes
24.07 Sodertajle
25.07 Jonkoping
26.07 Angelholm
27.07 Vaxjo
29.07 Sveg
30.07 Sundsvall
01.08 Gavle
02.08 Karlskoga
03.08 Gotheborg

20.11 Boston - Channel Club
21.11 Long Island - Sundance
22.11 Brooklyn - L'Amour
23.11 Spring Valley - Club Manhattan
24.11 Trenton - Garden City
...11 San Diego
27.11 Santa Monica
30.11 Oakland - Kaiser Hall
01.12 Sacramento - Oasis Ballroom
02.12 Colorado Springs
04.12 Denver - Rainbow
07.12 Los Angeles - Olympia Auditorium
11.12 Minneapolis - First Avenue
13.12 Milwaukee - Starlight
14.12 Detroit - Harpo's
15.12 Chicago - Metro Club
16.12 Madison - Turner Hall
18.12 Providence - Living Room
19.12 Manchester - Casbatz
20.12 Montreal - Spectrum
21.12 New York - The Ritz


The Easter Metal Blast
26.03 Villengen - Messenhalle
27.03 Zurich - Wettingen
29.03 Carthage - Osnabruk Halle
30.03 Dusseldorf - Philipshalle
31.03 Ashaffenburg - Hochberghalle
01.04 Kaatshevuel - Hearthquake Festival (Gonna Make Your Ears Bleed bootleg)
03.04 Copenhagen - Saga Theatre

23.06 Bologna - Stadio
24.06 Milano - Teatro Lampugnano

16.08 Donington - Monsters Of Rock

Orgasmatron Tour
14.09 Southampton - Mayfair
15.09 Birmimgham - Odeon
16.09 Newcastle - City Hall
17.09 Edimburgh - Playhouse
18.09 Bradford - St.Georges Hall
20.09 Manchester - Apollo
21.09 Cardiff - St.Davis Hall
22.09 London - Hammersmith Odeon (Slayground bootleg)
23.09 Nottingham - Royal Concert Hall

10.10 Oakland
11.10 Santa Monica
12.10 San Bernardino
14.10 Portland
15.10 Seattle
18.10 Long Beach
19.10 Phoenix
22.10 Austin
23.10 Corpus Christi
24.10 Sant Antonio
25.10 Dallas
26.10 Houston
27.10 New Orleans
29.10 Cincinnati
30.10 Detroit
31.10 Chicago
01.11 Hartford
04.11 Aurora
05.11 Akron
07.11 Buffalo
08.11 Niagara Falls
09.11 New York
12.11 Hamilton
13.11 Aylmer
14.11 Montreal
15.11 Toronto
19.11 Boston
20.11 Baltimore
21.11 Queens
23.11 Washington
24.11 Providence

01.12 Hannover - Capitol Theatre
02.12 Bremen - Stadthalle 2
05.12 Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit
04.12 Berlin - Metropol
06.12 Essen - Pink Palace
07.12 Ludwigshafen - Eberthalle
08.12 Esslingen - Zentrum Zella
09.12 Munich - Alabamahalle
10.12 Nuremburg - Hammerleinhalle
11.12 Offenbach - Stadthalle
12.12 Ludwigsburg

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 23:26:14
From: Ryan Randall - busylife@earthlink.net
Subject: new album


I just got home from buying the new Mot˘rhead album and I'm listening to it right now. Wow! It kicks ass!!! Can't wait to see the show next Wednesday. See you there. I'll be wearing a white shirt that says "Fucking Fuck" all over it. I'm growing some facial hair to go for the "Lemmy Chops" effect. Look for me.
Any idea if any Mot˘rheadbangers are planning to go to the Rainbow beforehand for a few drinks? My buddy and I are gonna cruise by and quaff a few. Hopin' to see Lemmy there and buy him a round or two or


Ryan Randall
Fountain Valley, CA

**Ace: I won't be at the Rainbow (busy setting up for the video shoot). Any other takers?

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 11:16:21
From: Matthijs Withaar - M.Withaar@12move.nl
Subject: os: we are motorhead ltd. edition and motorhead at waldrock

Hello Motorheadbangers,

>Wonder if you can help. I notice that we will have a choice of two new
>motorhead cd's one is 'we are motorhead' - spv08521822 and the other is
>'we are motorhead ltd' - spv08821820. Do you know what the main
>differences are between the two cd's ?

Yesterday I bougth the limited edition. It's the same album with exactly the same track listing, but it comes in an additional leather box that also holds a photograph, a sticker and a poster of the sleeve artwork.

For all Dutch fans: Motorhead and Nashville Pussy are playing at the Waldrock festival, july 1st in Bergum (Friesland). Check out http://www.waldrock.nl for info.

Greetings from Holland,
Ice Thijs

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 04:04:10
From: Harry - drty__harry@yahoo.com
Subject: os: motorhead anagrams

I found an anagram site on the web. Some of these are silly, but some are strangely appropriate ... a few might even make good song titles! ('Ode to Harm' is my favorite!)

Rearranging the letters of 'motorhead' gives:

Ode to harm. He doom rat.
Earth doom. Death moor.
Am the odor. Doom hater.
Trod a home. Do a mother.
Heart doom. Hater mood.
Death room. Hated moor.
Harm to doe. Home, O drat!
Me too hard. Ahem! Do rot!
Doom art, eh! Do to harem.
Them do oar. Mad hoe rot.
O Dear! Moth! Oh! Rat mode.
Hated room. To mad hero.
Do the roam. Am hot doer.
Too harmed. Oh! To dream.
He doom art. Her mad, too.
Am the door. Hoard to me.
He do to arm. Horde moat.
Mad hooter. Rooted ham.
Eh! Do to arm. O! Other mad.
Do her atom. Ho! To dream.
Oo! Hard met. Too red ham.
He, odor mat. Oh! meat rod.
Ah! Met odor! Ha! demo rot.
He doom tar. Eh! do to ram.
Eh! doom rat. Am hot rode.
Eh! odor mat. A moth doer.
O! do the ram. Am hot, re-do.
Oar method. Eh! rat mood.
Rode to ham. Oh! met road.
O! am red-hot. Rat hood me.
Earth mood. Hoard tome.
Adore moth. He roam dot.
Tamer hood. Had to, or me.
O! to harmed. Oh! Do rat me.
Ha! met odor. Her doom at.
Hero to dam. Ho! to armed.
Hem to road. Do hot ream.
Mother ado. Eh! doormat.

He, doormat. Do tar home.
Oh! demo art. Ho! Dame rot.
O! do the arm. Oo! Hated Mr.
Ohm to dare. Ho! Met road.
Moo! Hatred. Hot, mad roe.
Eh! mood art. Oh! mad rote.
Me hat odor. Am. To horde.
Heard moot. Red-hot moa.
Oh! To armed. Ho! made rot.
Hot Red Mao O! hot dream.
Oh! Made rot.
Oh! Rot dame.
Ha! Met door.

... any many more!




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