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Rating - 10
great,great album....classisal!!!

By: iceeman
At: 09/01/2009

Rating - 9
Alongside Overkill, Another Perect Day and Bastards this album stands out as a gorgeaos Motorhead moment. Don't misunderstand me, I am unconditionally a Motorhead fan. If Lemmy were to release a reading of the phone book you would find me at the front of the queue, but some records are more perfect than others and this is really perfect. Every track is a gem, from the viking-ish Deaf Forever, via the sex advice The Claw to the essay Orgasmatron it is a staggeringly good record. Miss it at your peril. It gets a 9 only because of the existence of Overkill and APD

By: Colin Woods
At: 06/09/2003