Another Perfect Day
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Rating - 10
It is, it is... indeed!

By: Ed
At: 10/04/2006

Rating - 8
I bought this when it first came out and it blew me away, & the tour was a blinder. I still think it's the best album

By: Jay
At: 25/01/2006

Rating - 9
My favorite Motorhead album; I especially like the guitar work on "Dancing On Your Grave". In my opinion this is a very underrated album; it was the first major deviation from the proven Motorhead album style which I think turned opinion against it.

By: McDuff
At: 01/10/2003

Rating - 8
The first time i heard it sounded strange to me, but it gets better with more listening. I like it.

By: peri

Rating - 3
Probably most unsuccessful album Motorhead. The guitar parties Robertson do not like me at all.

By: MF-B