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Track Listing:
1 - Runaround Man (2:59)
2 - (Teach You How To) Sing The Blues (3:07)
3 - When The Eagle Screams (3:01)
4 - Rock Out (3:53)
5 - One Short Life (4:46)
6 - Buried Alive (4:22)
7 - English Rose (3:46)
8 - Back On The Chain (3:43)
9 - Heroes (3:58)
10 - Time Is Right (3:42)
11 - The Thousand Names Of God (4:09)
Released: 26.08 in USA, 29.08 in Germany, 01.09 in Europe

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by: Cameron Webb
Additional Engineer: Sergio Chavez
Assistant Engineers: John Lousteau (Studio 66), Wesley Mischener, Josh Bierly

Recorded at:
Studio 66
Stage And Sound

Mixed at: Maple Studios
Mastered by: Kevin Bartley at Capitol Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Slide guitar on "The Thousand Names Of God": Wes на студии Stage And Sound

Inside Digi pak Art: Original "Motorizer" shield sketch by Lemmy

Photographyr: Robert John
Centre-Spread Models: Misty и Deve
Cover Concept: Lemmy
Illustraton: Mark De Vito
Creative Direction: Steffan Chirazi
Art Olrection & Graphic Design: Mark Abramson

Best track

Runaround Man
(Teach You How To) Sing The Blues
When The Eagle Screams
Rock Out
One Short Life
Buried Alive
English Rose
Back On The Chain
Time Is Right
The Thousand Names Of God

Album reviews:

Motorizer Review - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

Maybe because Motorhead (labels?) is constantly pimping product - whether it's endless greatest hits packages, live albums/DVDs or reissues - my expectations for the band have been lowered in recent years, despite the fact that the group is still as visceral as ever live.
Latter-day records "Kiss Of Death" and "Inferno" have been all right, both decent additions to the Motorhead legacy but, for a while there, it felt like Lem and co. might be on auto-pilot, slogging through another record/tour cycle without much to reinvigorate the band.
Well, goddamn if Motorizer isn't that reinvigorating effort, this album taking by surprise and re-energizing the Motorhead faithful to the point of being genuinely interested in the band again.
I don't know what lit a fire under Lemmy this time, but whatever it might have been was potent: Motorizer is full of metal and punk moments that rival the best of the group's career, and the band has finally penned that post - "Ace Of Spades" (sorry guys, I know you hate hearing about that song) anthem they never managed to do before in a track called "Rock Out".
Yeah, it's a lame title, but it's a great song, an anthem that is loud, proud and an uncompromising fuck you to anyone who doesn't get it. It'll also be stuck in your head for days, the track one of the catchiest in the group's repertoire. My only complaint here comes via the mix, as "Motorizer" is polished the whole way through and the guitars frustratingly sitting right in the middle.
Had the six strings been up-front (where they belong), it would have elevated "Motorizer" to even higher plateaus though, as it stands, this is still a strong record. Good to have Motorhead firing on all cylinders again.

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